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Shirleen Wangari has risen the ranks to become one of the sought after actresses we have in the industry. With an array of talents including hosting Karaoke and MCing events, she has definitely become a household name in the entertainment industry from the evil character she played as Sheesh on Tahidi high several years ago.

Michael Mute had a chance to sit down with her and have this one on one:

Shirleen Wangari

Who is Shirleen Wangari?

Shirleen is an actress, producer, writer, Host

What projects have you been in?

I have done several projects in the past currently I’m doing a series with some very talented actors including Lucy the judge on Vioja Mahakamani and a short film with Lenny Juma and Neville Misati

Which is your most famous project so far?

I would say Tahidi high. then probably MTV's Shuga

Since you disappeared from Tahidi high what have been up to?

I’ve been acting in a few films on Africa magic and a couple of series including Zuku's state house. I am working on putting concepts for TV and film together too

What are we expecting to see soon?

I am currently working on some series that will hit the screens soon

In your new roles what challenges do you face?

I have been lucky to have played very different roles all the time and as opposed to finding it challenging, I find it fun. I think it is necessary to do roles that people least expect you to play. It helps you grow artistically.

In your opinion, what the future of movie industry in Kenya?

Its only up from here. More and more young talented producers are coming up, the content and picture quality is getting better and better. That will in turn translate to a booming industry.

Which so far did you find the most challenging role, in that, you took some time to internalize it? And why do you think it proved to be so?

Most roles I have done have turned out to be challenging in one way or the other....for instance the role I’m playing now is a very emotional role....I’m crying all the time. You can understand why that would be a challenge. I used to watch Mexican soap operas and think it’s really easy to cry. That stuff is hard!

Shirleen is one of the most admired actresses in the industry any messages to the bachelors out there who might be planning to throw some hooks?

Hehehehe. Well, I have my eye on someone. I'm don't think I'm ready to mingle just yet

Rumors has it you planning on taking part in a production outside the borders of Kenya, any comments on that?
I can't talk about that....well at least not until some contract is signed and as at now I have not signed any.

Shirleen Wangari

How is your typical day like?

If I'm shooting, My morning starts either at 4:30 or 5 am ....shoot all day till evening. Go home. Have milk with cocoa and sleep. If I'm not shooting...I write a lot, have meetings, and watch a movie here and a few buddies...

To maintain such a great figure what’s your secret? Do you exercise?

I do sit ups for a couple of days....then I stop....then I do some more....then I stop Again.

Who are your Mentors?

My mom and I read a lot about strong people and their extraordinary stories of how they made each new day I have a new mentor. Currently it’s Walt Disney and how he built his empire

Money, Fame and passion what motivates most in your acting?

Passion and a great need to leave a legacy when I'm gone.

Have ever had a bad day where everything seemed to go wrong?
Yap. I have had some horrible days. Days when I have no motivation whatsoever and a short fuse combined. It never ends well.

Favourite food?

Favourite food changes every other day....but meat tastes really good. Chicken too

Favourite hobby, what did you do recently or any plans regarding your hobby?

I’ve taken up a new hobby. Skating. Still learning though...I’ve been hiking last hike was Mt.longonot. I'm working on being super fit and taking a shot at Mt Kenya.

Shirleen Wangari

By Michael Mute

The End