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If you were an avid fan and follower of the hilarious sitcom titled Briefcase Inc that aired on KTN, then you”ll totally relate with One In a million. Not only because its produced by the same person, or the fact that it has maintained some of the cast but also because of its sense of humor and style.

The MNET commissioned show is an intelligent comedy that has been well thought out and written cleverly to keep the viewers desire nothing but watching. I was lucky to catch the 1st episode on the 3rd of June on Maisha Magic East channel 158 DSTV and if the premise is anything to go by, they have a fan in me.

The new TV series revolves around the Bolos, a humble family of four consisting of Jacinta (Virginia Mando), Gidraff (Jim Were) and their two kids Riqo (Brian Ngaira) and Kabi (Valentine Kariuki). One lucky day, this family hits the jackpot and moves from their old, ran down hood Mchanganiwa, to their new four bed-roomed apartment in the suburbs. They however lose their furniture because of Mr. Bolo’s unpaid debts and are met by the unwelcoming care-taker/owner Mr. Quentin.

Will they fit in to their neighborhood and the new lifestyle they find themselves in? Well tune in to find out. Every Wednesdays at 8pm C.A.T on channel 158 DSTV Maisha Magic East/ GOtv 4. Or catch the repeat every Saturday at 6:30pm CAT

“Through this show we have further explored our niche in producing comedies. After our first TV series, Briefcase Inc was received well by the market, we were inspired to create content with similar themes, but raise the bar by doing a sitcom.” Producers of the show, Joyce Musoke of Cheese Pictures and Ken Oloo of Zindua said.

The show was written by Yafesi Musoke, a master at creating rib cracking - memorable characters like Ben of Briefcase Inc and now the Bolos of the One In a Million show. The cast selected is not only proficient but also brings to the show natural chemistry that makes it a must watch.

The Cast:

Dr Julisa Rowe:  Julisa has over 30 years experience acting for stage and screen.  You may have spotted her in several productions, notably Groove Theory and Briefcase inc.She is also an experienced drama teacher, director and producer.  She plays Mrs Randall, a well meaning but slightly eccentric neighbor of the Bolos. 

Quincy Wandera: Curiously, the character Quentin is played by Quincy... That is because the writer hadn't yet named the character when Quincy took on the role.  He fit in to the role so well, it was difficult to imagine him named anything else.  Quentin came closest, so Quentin it was. When he isn't terrorizing the Bolos on set, Quincy is a producer and director himself.

Brian Ngaira: 21 year old Brian plays Riqo. This being his first major screen role, he settles into his role with ease.  He is also involved in professional theatre when not on the One in a Million set, and has his eye on an oscar before he turns 30.     

Cast of one in a million

From Left to right: Dr Julisa Rowe, Valentine Kariuki, Jim Were, Virginia Mando, Brian Ngaira, Quincy Wandera and Evelyn Gitonga

Valentine Kariuki: You may remember her as a child actress from the hit series 'Better Days' back in 2006 where she played young 'Shera'.  She is passionate about her acting and has picked it up again, this time playing 'Kabi Bolo', a can't-put-me-down daughter to the Bolos.      

Jim Were: Jim has a wealth of experience in broadcast drama.  His experience dates back to the early 80s where he acted, wrote and/or directed local productions such as Family Affairs, Play of the Week and Radio theatre.  He also had roles in the films 'Mississipi Masala', 'Eye of a Witness' and 'Indiana Jones'. His more recent TV roles have been in Makutano Junction, Briefcase inc, and Siri.  He now plays 'Gidraff Bolo' with comical finesse that can be attributed to his natural sense of humor and backed by years of experience.  Jim loves Muhogo

Virginia Mando: Virginia Mando is a natural comic.  Her background and training is as a languages and religion teacher, but in recent years she has opted to rediscover her other passion - acting.  She has played key roles in local productions and films such as 'Beba Beba', 'Groove Theory' and 'Briefcase inc'. When not on set, she mentors young women and is a great ambassador of healthy eating and nutrition. She plays 'Jacinta Bolo' in One in a Million.

Evelyn Gitonga: An actress to look out for is Evelyn Gitonga, She has a background in Professional Theatre (Phoenix) and is about to hit our TV screens with a lot more of her very natural acting!  

Check out the teaser below:

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