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Simon Kimathi is a freelance actor who is passionate about what he does because that’s what makes him who he is. Acting provides an avenue or base to be in another person’s shoes. Each moment on set is a blessing to do what he loves best and utilize his talent. Simon believes in practicality. The more one engages in field or set work, he or she is able to acquire more ideas and technical knowhow unlike theory learning.

Simon Kimathi

Acting has been a learning experience since getting his first role in 2013 in the movie Niko na Genge done by Balozi Production where he did the role of Otero. Being involved in Zamaradi production movies like Run, EAST and Last Round provided knowledge and ideas on what acting entails and also as a platform to learn. He also had roles in television series like Prey and Pray, Auntie Boss and an upcoming one, Kilio. This aided him to interact with both cast and crew and he was able to understand what takes place on set apart from acting and he expanded his portfolio by being a crew member in the grips and art departments.

Simon Kimathi

When not on set or pre occupied by activities relating to acting ,Simon enjoys taking time to watch movies and view other people’s work so as to obtain knowledge and visualize other actors skills .He also loves spending time with family and friends since they are the one who offer him support in his carrier. They are also a shoulder to lean on when things are not on track.

Reaching top of his acting carrier is not what Simon has achieved yet and believes there is no maximum limit in achieving and perfecting his acting skills. Each acting project he is involved in is a stepping stone to the next one and it is a moment to accumulate new ideas and knowledge to sharpen his skills.

Simon Kimathi

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