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Philip Muchiri describes himself as an ambitious, energetic and career minded actor who strives to excel in the role he is assigned to. He also believes he is flexible in terms of playing different roles and having studied digital editing, he also has experience in production. Acting is his passion and something he derives satisfaction from. What however makes Philip stand out in the saturated acting industry; it is that brown belt in KARATE that he holds. Add the fact that he wrote, directed, edited and cast himself as the lead role in his movies Gicagi and Boda Boda, and you have a complete package of someone looming success.

Phillip Muchiri

Nicknamed mentor by his peers, Phillip says Jean Claude Van dame is among his influences as he establishes himself as Kenya’s Bruce Lee an opens the possibilities of action flicks and martial arts films we have in Kenya. Why anyone hasn’t capitalized on making an action packed blockbuster with such talent around beats me.

However, Philip isn’t waiting for that big break instead he is creating his own opportunities as witnessed in his low budget films Gicagi where He was nominated for the Best Lead Actor Award in the first Riverwood Awards for his role in the film and the film took home the Best Cinematography Award in was also nominated in the Best Feature Film category.

His other self produced film Boda Boda won him the best lead actor in a film at the 2nd riverwood academy awards.

Phillip Muchiri

Muchiri has since produced and starred in the films suchs as Mtaani, Street Game and Nairobism.

Phillip attended Waigiri Primary School and Kirinyaga Township Primary and later then joined Othaya Boys Secondary School. He studied a Diploma in Bio-Medical Engineering in Mombasa Polytechnic (currently known as Technical University of Mombasa) and cleared in 2009. I later enrolled at Mombasa Aviation and studied Digital Editing as he had an interest in filmmaking.

He joined MeanSharks Karate Club in Kerugoya ion 2003 and turned professional and started participating in tournaments. Late, he joined Little Theater Judo Karate club in Mombasa.

Your role model in the film industry Phillip? Well, truth is I have no role model. This is because I tried to get someone to help me achieve my dream of making films and most people thought it’s not possible since no one had done such films in Kenya. I had no option but to Mentor my own self and just believe that my dreams are real and practical… that’s where the nickname ‘Mentor’ came from. I Mentor my own self, am my own role model. All I do is ‘Try To Be Better Than I Was Yesterday’. With that, I keep on improving myself. Its self motivation.

Phillip Muchiri

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By Gerald Langiri

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