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Kenya, is ready for an international film & TV festival & trade show. The Kenya Film Commission (KFC) in partnership with the French embassy in Kenya is excited to announce the launch of a brand new East African event, The Kalasha International Film & TV Festival & Market. This unique Film & TV Festival & Market kicks off in October 12, 2015 for a week, in the heart of Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi. Dedicated to promoting culture, our stories, creativity and skills within the East African region, The Kalasha International Film & TV Festival & Market brings under one roof 3 main events:

- The Kalasha Eastern Africa Film & TV Trade Show.

- The Kalasha International Film Festival.

- The Kalasha Film & TV Awards.

“The event’s primary objective is to showcase Kenya as a major regional hub for film and TV production, and distribution across all platforms and genres while reinforcing the uniqueness of Kenya as a shooting location. It is evident that a vibrant film & TV industry will contribute to shape Kenya’s image at the international level, foster the quality and quantity of local content produced, sharpen the requisite skills, enhance tourism; thus creating wealth and employment for the country.” Notes Lizzie Chongoti, the CEO of KFC.

The event, a creative hub, intends to bring together, for the first time, all the players from the Eastern Africa Film & TV industry, in one place and at the same time; offering a platform for all the players and festival goers from the Film & TV industry to gather, discuss, exchange, collaborate, share stories and develop new business opportunities.

The Kalasha International Film & TV Festival & Market will bring together among many others; filmmakers, artistes, producers, post-producers, distributors, broadcasters, advertisers, technology suppliers, film commissions, government bodies, media authorities, partners and VIPs in one place. Collective spaces for the players from the whole audiovisual industry, will supplement venues for the majority of the event’s special activities that include but are not limited to market studies, country overviews, technical innovation demos, conferences, round tables, master classes, film talks, awards night, and parties.

It is hoped that the event will offer the ideal opportunity to showcase and promote the quality, skills and know-how of Eastern Africa Film & TV companies whilst attracting more international productions and deals to the East African countries.

“This event, first of its kind in the region, intends to become one of the major vehicles for social, cultural and economic development in the region, while reinforcing partnerships and collaborations between Kenyan and French media players. The creative industry is essential for the economy and its growth, and Kenya has a lot to offer and to promote. Kenya’s prolific arts, cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, languages, innovations and fast technical development are massively appealing for foreign investors, producers and creators.” said Mr. Rémi MARECHAUX, Ambassador of France in Kenya.

A signing ceremony between KFC and the French Embassy in Kenya was officiated on the 22nd of January 2015 with the Ambassador of France in Kenya Mr. Rémi MARECHAUX in attendance.

For pre-registration,please contact:

Muthoni Thuo| CEO Assistant|Kenya Film Commission| Cell: +254 713 600 517| OR

Juliette Vivier| Regional Audiovisual Attaché for East Africa|Embassy of France in Kenya| Cell : +254 715 343 385|

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