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One of Nollywood’s best actors, Patience Ozokwor or famously known as Mama Gee, is in Kenya in preparation to launch the Africa Film and TV Talent Resource Centre (AFTTREC). Kenya has quite a number of institutions that offer broadcast journalism and communication courses. These include the country’s top universities and colleges. However, a candid market analysis by industry professionals reveals the great need for a practical approach in training upcoming as well as practicing fresh entrants in the industry.

There is a gaping need for morehands-ontraining experience. Most of these institutions equip the students very well in terms of theory but they emerge very raw in terms of practical. The need to thus equip industry freshmen with a strong professional foundation, technical knowledge and thorough understanding of the work culture is very crucial.

Goot to great talent Patience ozokwor

Kenya is going through the digital migration process. This has already seen the mushrooming of many television stations on the digital platform. The number of channels owned by the mainstream media will also tremendously increase. This therefore means there will be an increased need for quality local productions from all quarters. However as elaborated further up, the need for practically trained professionals is needed now more than ever. Where does thishands-ontraining come from? Students taking diploma or degree courses in communication, journalism and TV production are required to undertake a three month internship in a broadcasting station or a production house as a requirement for their graduation.

What emerges once they get into these workplaces as interns is that the students are ill equipped to enter into the competitive world of Broadcasting. Their practical skills arenon-existent.The Broadcaster therefore invests a lot to take these students to the next level while thenon-aggressiveones are left to their own devices. Also to note, not all students are lucky to get these placements in the industry. Others who get the opportunity are not always attached to their area of interest. Thus someone who is very keen on being a video editor might find himself attached to the library.

AFTTREC has a great network of industry professionals, both in and out of the country. These are professionals in all sectors of film and TV. We shall use this network to provide young, upcoming or even those already in the market, with the tools necessary not only to survive or make it but also to excel in it. Our main objective will be to offer mentorship, guidance and career enhancement skills. Our practical approach will mold them, guide them or inspire them to choose the correct career path and excel in it.


•Fresh graduates with a passion for the industry. Raw talent (cast). Emerging Tv and film producers. Practicing professionals needing to hone their skills or learn more about another field.


•Participants will receive practical experience in the relevant area. AFTTREC will have identified outstanding individuals.AFTTREC will have developed a database that the industry can tap from. AFTTREC will have played its part in growing the African film and TV industry.


•Initial training sessions will be in form of workshops where we shall engage industry professionals. Each workshop will take3-4days.Two workshops will run concurrently.


•The workshops will be held at AFTTREC along Denis Pritt in Hurligham, Nairobi.


•The inaugural event will be held on 12th of March, 2015 at an event dubbed Good To Great Talent Forum at the KICC.

•Kenyans are insatiable consumers of Nigerian movies and we are privileged to have the biggest female Nigerian movie star, Patience Ozokwor - known to us as Mama Gee - to grace the inauguration of the Resource centre and to conduct atwo-dayworkshop. Along side her will be Award winning actors Gerald Langiri and Lizz Njagah to aid with the actors while Filmmaker Mwaniki Mageria will aid filmmakers. Mandy Roger, Zuku TV director will also speak on digital migration and its impact and Dr Ezekiel Mutua shall touch on ICT.

An overview of the areas we shall cover includes;

•Scriptwriting for TV •Scriptwriting for Film •Skills in casting •Acting for Film & TV. •TV & Film Production Techniques. •Post-Productionskills. •Budgeting for TV drama. •Budgeting for Film •News Reporting Skills. •Camera •Lighting. •News Presentation Skills


Forum Ksh 5,000 per head

Workshop ksh 8, 500 per head

Forum + Workshop Ksh 10,000

Mpesa pay bill number:972900 Accnt Number: 04611270001

Or log on to or call 0729 653 365

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