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Following a recent study that showed that under 2% of directors are female and only 23% of women constitute crew members, figures which are getting worse by the day as the film industry is largely seen as a male dominated one, Udada film festival is thus very much welcome.

 The first edition of UDADA (UDADA means sisterhood) Film Festival will be held from the 24th – 29th October 2014. This women’s film festival will be the first in the region to feature women’s fiction and documentary film productions. The Festival will screen short, student, long feature and documentary films made by, or about women from all over the world.

“Women filmmakers, especially in Africa, have been usually relegated to second place. As a festival we believe that through this initiative we will be able to provide a platform for established and emerging female talent in this industry to exhibit their work, discuss, exchange and network with each other, the public and other stakeholders.” says Matrid Nyagah, one of the founding directors of the festival.

The festival aims to highlight women film makers and their work and also expose women’s issues, concerns and perspectives in the societies they live in. International films will give the audiences an insight into other cultures for comparison to their own and learning purposes.  The festival offers an excellent opportunity to challenge female filmmakers to contribute more to films and encourage sharing of knowledge about cultural heritage of different communities at the international level while promoting intellectual dialogue and encouraging mutual respect through films and exchange of expertise.

The Opening ceremony and Launch of the Festival will be held at National Museums of Kenya (Louis Leakey Auditorium) on the 24th October, from 5.30pm – 9.00pm.

The festival will also have main screenings and filmmakers’ forums at Goethe Institute where film makers who have submitted their films will be invited to attend a forum to discuss film development, financing and distribution. Television producers will be invited to talk to filmmakers about the kind of content they need in future.

There will also be special theme nights / screenings at Michael Joseph Center and Alliance Francaise where different cultures can be appreciated and understood through their different (or similar) traditions, foods, way of dress and languages. Theme nights, featuring different countries, will add to the learning experience of participants and visitors.

Theme nights:

- IIFF Mini Fest (Zimbabwe Cocktail Night) – 27th October 5:30pm – 8:30pm

-Spanish Cocktail Night – Michael Joseph Center 28th October 5:30pm – 8:30pm

-Closing / French Cocktail Night – Alliance Francaise 29th October 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Regular screenings will be daily from 24th -29th October from 2pm -8pm.

The festival will also include workshops for both professional and students with the following themes: Film Funding by Judy Kibinge. | Co-productions in film by Tsitsi Dangarembga | Film Criticism by Dr. Rachael Diang’a, |Film Distribution and Social Media by Eva Mwaniki | Film Copyright Issues by Dr. MarisellaOuma CEO| Acting for the Screen. Working with the director and crew by Stephanie Stremler.

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