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With a cheeky look and a cantankerous personality, Neomi Ng’ang’a is one vivacious diva who is making big waves in the entertainment industry. With the titles Actress, radio presenter, plus size model, and Mc being but a few of the accolades she has garnered in her career, she is clearly a lady on a mission to take over the world. Don’t let her playful personality fool you. She does not joke about her passions.

 Neomi Nganga Wambui

Neomi has graced our screen on some of the most popular and successful productions ever to come out of Kenya, and has gone on to do some movies internationally. With major roles on shows such as WASH AND SET, DEMIGODS, NOOSE OF GOLD, and LIES THAT BIND, she is currently doing it big and bold on the hottest show this side of the Sahara, SUMU LA PENZI- a Spielworks production.

Speaking of big and bold, I sought to find out what she feels about her curves. “I love my body and have accepted it as it is. And I believe my confidence shows”, she says. In an industry choking on skinny perfection, it is quite interesting to find a curvaceous diva doing it big (no pun intended) and representing the average woman on the street.  “I get approached all the time by young women to tell them how I do it. How I dress, how I do my makeup, but mostly, how I go about my normal life without letting my body size be an issue”. She actively tries to encourage plus size women by chatting with them and by being a fashion ambassador.

 Neomi Nganga Wambui

 “I am currently a model for top designer Wambui Mukenyi, who has put the bigger girls on the map in her campaign “THE CURVES”, she informs me. Body image is a matter that she holds close to her heart. The natural question at this point would be, how she did it then. How did she manage to break the mold and go on to become one of the most beloved actresses in present day Kenya? She lets slip a secret.  Her body type has helped her land roles. “There aren’t many curvy ladies in this industry. If you are like me, you tend to stand out. It is an advantage in that sense because there is not much competition – at least not when it comes to body type”, she explains. Curiously, she has consistently played older roles in her career, with roles such as Ama, on Sumu La Penzi, and Mama Sweetie on Lies that bind being among them, with her oldest character being a 65 year old woman, in the movie SHATTERED, alongside Rita Dominique from Nigeria.

Neomi readily admits to having a weakness for the finer things in life. She is a fashionista in her own right. With never a single hair out of place, she has got a few tricks to teach. She has an eye for interior décor and loves rendezvous to exotic places. She however also admits to a rather odd habit of talking to herself, something that she says helps her relieve her stress. But one thing is for sure, she is one lady we need to watch out for.

Watch Neomi in action in the weekly web series #Rispa where she plays the mother of the household. Below.

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By Mark Karanja

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