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According to Wikipedia: Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities; this focuses primarily on the visual arts, which includes the creation of images or objects in fields including painting, sculpture, printmaking , photography, and other visual

Art is Life. Our daily doings in life is Art. EVERYTHING: Our conversations, love, celebrations, success, peace e.t.c. EVERYTHING.ART IS DONE BY SHARP MINDS AND SHARPENS DULL MINDS.

It's no secret all of us Kenyans, especially the youth, are influenced by art; especially music and movies.

Thus for a country to develop, Intelligent great Art is far much better than Science. That is where we as Kenyans and Kenya as a country has failed miserably by not appreciating art.


 The great minds among us (ALL OF US) should spare our time to invest in the Kenyan Art scene: We all have a part to play. Try painting, photography, acting, singing, songwriting, scriptwriting, hiking, swimming.

If you feel you have a passion for some form of art, spare some time in giving contributing for Art or by simply enjoying the Art.

This will challenge the Best at it and also have avenues to know the best at it and share our crazy untested ideas and create something bigger than all of us.


Pic Source: Art is Life. Life is Art

Growing up and watching movies and TV shows like Dangerous Affair, Omo pick a box, Wingu la Moto, Makutano junction among many others, I can recall  how they inspired me positively. The actors from back then that I really adored like Nini Wacera, Benta Achieng, Raymond Ofula, Ainea Ojiambo, Nice Githinji, Mukami Njiru among many others inspired me.

Latest flicks like Beba Beba, Nairobi Half Life, House of Lungula, Shuga e.t.c with young Kenyan actors like Olwenya Maina, Wanjiku Mburu , Bernard Safari, Gerald Langiri and others inspire me more.

It is not a must to be in the arts most definitely. Other people have other aspirations. Besides, Art is a creative profession and not all of us were born creative. You can however do your part by contributing, respecting and appreciating art.,

Sadly, in Kenya most artist are not remunerated well and although growing, it is still not seen as a career for many and a way to earn a living. It’s a calling for many to make the world a better place. To make their dreams come true and are pushed by their undying passion. Do not give up though because:

Through your acting, you inspire and are the society’s voice. Through singing, you promote our culture. Through your narration skills, children will want to read more and we know how there isn’t a strong reading culture in Kenya. Through your photography, you capture moment for eternity. Through your scriptwriting, you are telling the untold stories that we are scared of telling. Through your being a comedian, you’re making people ease up and forget their troubles for that minute which is definitely better than drugs and healthier. Through teamwork, we unite.

Through the camera, we see what we refuse to see. Directors giving us unique locations and marketing Kenya as a filming destination and bringing out characters both good and evil of the society.

I could go on and on but by now you get why art is life and life is art.

For those already doing it, mentor the young folks like me so that the Kenyan Heritage/Culture/Love lives on. Listen to the fans because without them we wont have an audience to appreciate our work. Critics are there to let us know where we go wrong. We need them..

Have more avenues to showcase these forms of art. Have more shows, thorough marketing of your products etc.

Art should be paid for. You really can’t put a price on an Art. It is priceless

I’ll do my part to involve myself in attending plays, watch Genuine Kenyan movies, Surf Kenyan stuff, Share my ideas selfless, attend auditions to try/sharpen my Art worth, visit Kenyan cultural places, attend curator shops, visit natural places with a Camera. Do what I can to support the art.

What about you? Let’s discuss and talk about art, shall we?

What is art to you?

Pic Source: What is art to you? Answer here if you want.

By Daniel Muthoka.

A young Kenyan who respects Art and is ready to learn about Art and share.

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