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Ever wondered where tahidi high or papa shirandula or mother in law auditions occur and what time? You never hear of their auditions but always get to see new faces getting in? Well, truth is, you will never or very rarely see auditions posted for those shows.

They are In-house produced shows and therefore they source for their own actors without holding public auditions. You can imagine calling for auditions for say Papa Shirandula and they are perhaps looking for just one character. The number of people that will flock at those auditions just to audition for that one character will be illogical having auditions for.

Remember these are shows that have been running for years with a pre-set of characters that they have been using from day one. They might add on characters along the way if they would like to expand their stories but will not have a mass audition for them. So what they do is source for the actors they want. The sourcing happens through either the actors of the show being asked if they know someone who fits the new character they would like to get or the production team looks around for the actors.

This basically emphasizes the point which I like to pass across. Auditions are not the only way to get into the acting industry. I know you’d like them to, but that is not how the industry works. Why would a producer call an audition when they already have someone to play that character in mind? That means there are other practices you need to acquire like marketing and networking yourself and pushing your name, face and brand. Why? So that the next time they want to add a new character, they’ll think about and call you!

 I happen to have been in papa shirandula and played the character Mr. Araka Smart. I was personally called to attend a private audition because one of the production managers saw a clip of mine on youtube for a short film that I took part of. The short film was submitted for the U-film It competition 2012 and this production manager happened to be one of the people involved in that competition.  When the character of Mr. Araka Smart came up, she thought of me and called me in to try it out and well, I got the role.

Talking with other actors in these shows who joined along the way or made appearances, they'll tell you the same thing. References were made or they were told of those private auditions.

Network. Get to know who these actors in these shows are. Who the producers and directors are for these shows.  Find them online on facebook or attend film related events where you can get to meet them and network. Or Introduce yourself to them and get them to know you and that you are an actor. It doesn’t mean you will get the job there and then but if your 1st impressions are good, you just never know.

Get to know people and let people get to know you. Not every project coming out will have an audition posted for it. Some are usually just within the circles of a selected few so get to network. The industry is a people driven industry and most of the work you’ll get is by referral. That is just how human beings behave. They'd rather work with someone who they know or someone who they've been referred to.

Acting is not an exact science so there is no single way to do something especially when it comes to the business side of it. You are creative, so be creative.

It is not enough to be talented. You need to put your talent out there for it to be seen by people and please do not think establishing your acting career will happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience and persistence.

All the best as we hustle for the next gig.

By Gerald Langiri

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