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“Over time the role and purpose of women in the society and community has been redefined by the contemporary influences as well as the bravery of other women who have stood courageously amidst discrimination. In fact, the stereotypical notions that their capacities and abilities are just limited for their family, husband, and children have totally diminished especially that equality and feministic views have been the strongest stand for all. According to history much of the successes and revolts did actually transpire because of their bravery. Before, they did not have the chance to raise their voice, express their feelings and opinions. Now, they are more active and real fighters. They are not raised to be just a help-meet for any spouse in their future family but they can make a difference not just in their homes, but in the world. In fact, some of the things that could have been overlooked and belittled by men in general, are the strengths that they do not have, nor could they compete at.” By Rhodora Dagatan

After two years of hard work, the film STRENGTH OF A WOMAN is finally complete and is slated to premier in August 2014.

Strength of a woman

The film tells the story of a 16 year old girl called Julia. She is raised under the care of her mother who is emotionally traumatized and financially struggling and her father who is physical abusive. Julia's mother (Leila Laura Wangari) has had enough of the abuse and poverty and takes off, leaving Julia (Rose K. Njoroge) alone with her father.

A student, a market woman and a cook for her father becomes Julia's life.  In order to survive, Julia is subjected to all that her mother endured, especially her father's abuse and alcoholism. Julia's determination to gain an education and have a better life than what her mother had, becomes her driving force to change her life forever.

Written by Manasseh M. Chege and Directed by Gilbert Lukalia, Strength of a woman is an art house film that will inspire you to desire a better life.

Check out the trailer of the movie below.

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