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Chariot of love is a 60’ minute Talk show focusing on love and relationships. It is an interactive program that celebrates love, informs, educate and entertain through open discussion with renowned relationship experts with the likes of Dr. Chris Hart and Helena Ken- Mwafaka awards best gospel artist    . It features real life stories shared by guests on the set thus making the program captivating to youths aged 16- 40yrs.

chariot of love

The show is hosted by the suave and every well dressed actor Brian Ogana.

“We’d like to describe ourselves as a clinic , thus helping a lot of people with  psychological issues and matters of the heart.” Says Brian.

His passion for art developed while still in high school and has seen him traverse the literary scene with an array of splendid works from stage plays, television commercials, directing plays, writing poems, doing voice over’s and short films. His passion for art has grown to a new level. He attributes his success to his mum and most importantly GOD. Brian’s driving force has always been never to be forced by earthly desires’ to do what one dislikes, but always aim higher and put GOD first in everything one does. He is also a thespian in his own capacity and now steering the media industry to new heights, he is the next big thing that should be looked out for.

Brian Ogana

The team is led by Joseph Murimi who is the producer/Director.

Chariot of Love airs on GBS TV every Sunday from 10pm – 11pm. And also has a repeat every Sunday at 5:00am.

GBS TV is the fastest growing TV channel in Kenya. It’s also the first digital channel in Kenya thus providing the clearest reception. Their programming consists of 45% Information & Education, 27% Drama & Entertainment, 16% Gospel, 5% Kids Show, 7% others.

GBS in Nairobi can be viewed on channel 47 which covers Nairobi, Central and Eastern provinces. Channel 55 in Kisumu, covering Nyanza and Western provinces including parts of the Rift Valley province, and channel 33 in Dar es Salam. They are also on the digital platform on channel 15.               

The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers. Chariot of love is here to make a difference in people’s love life.

Chris Hart and Doreen Nyawira guests on the show

Chris Hart and Doreen Nyawira guests on the show

Watch one of the episodes of the show below:


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By Gerald Langiri

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