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It has been barely a month since I last had Elizabeth Aruwa in my thoughts. This was right after I had watched her amazing performance on a short film she featured in titled “Killer Necklace”. The film was released in 2008 and she played the mean wife to her husband (played by Raymond Ofula) who brought home a gold necklace for her.

When I term Elizabeth as a veteran actress, I mean exactly that. She started her acting career way back in 1963 as a little girl for an East African Airways advert. That was the beginning of an acting career that saw her feature in various productions including, My Fair Lady, IpiTombi, The Successor [by Francis 1985 Imbuga] at Little Theatre Club, Mombasa between the years of 1979 to 1985, the time when I was being born.

An international German TV Series, A Danish Series, A PSI Aids Awareness/Condom Promotion [Fungua Roho Yako] [Mother and Daughter Scene where she played the Mother] in 2005. She then played Rebekah the owner of Pluto Lounge in Makutano Junction in 2007 which was her breakout role..

I first saw Elizabeth grace my screen in 2009 when she was a recurring character as that evil mother in law from hell in the mnet series Changes which I could term as her biggest role.

In 2010 she featured in Siri Drama as a Hospital Sister/Counsellor but most people will probably remember Elizabeth from the Yu Network advert “All charges dropped” as, again, the evil judge.

Elizabeth was nothing but mean however even though she kept on being type cast for such roles which she executed perfectly. Such was her amazing acting ability.

I personally met Elizabeth for the 1st time in 2012 at an audition we were both attending and the fact that we had already been friends on Facebook and had interacted a couple of times, made the 1st meeting very pleasurable. Despite her old age (mid fifties) Elizabeth was very warm and young at heart.

News broke out today(22nd March 2014) that she passed on at 1am. Elizabeth was suffering and had been for the past 2years after she was diagnosed with having colorectal cancer in 2012. We had several phone conversations when she was in and out of hospital and she was seeking help to raise funds to cater for her hospital bills and treatment. You can read that article here>> ELIZABETH ARUWA’S PLEA AS SHE FIGHTS A TUMOR

 As she rests in peace, I’d like to extend my deepest sympathy to her family for your loss and hoping, too, that comfort and peace may come to you.

 The sorrow of the faithful is not that of permanent loss, but the tender sense of sadness that comes in saying good-bye for now to someone we love. May today's sorrow give way to the peace and comfort of God's love.


Elizabeth Aruwa

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By Gerald Langiri

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