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An unhappy Davis called on 13th-march and in a concerned voice asks me if I’ve seen the story that is circulating on facebook about him having molested a 14 year old girl? Shocked, I reply No.  He tells me to log in to facebook and look for a profile that goes by the name of “mamaya nani” and I’ll get to see the post which is also being shared on different social media pages by the same person.

True enough, I log into facebook, search for the profile, I realize it’s a new profile created with only 5 friends and no pictures of whoever could be behind it and it doesn’t take a genius to deduce that it is a fake account. I see the post on the timeline that Davies asked me to check out and right there is Davis pictures with a status that reads:

Davis Ivor Nato

“The man whoz pic you c thea is child molester.his name is DAVIS IVOR NATO,he is a manager at imax movie kenya.he goes from xul to xul defiling young xul one speaks out becoz his father is a police,its high time hez stopped.if anyone out dea has info on other galz he has defiled or if you are among them,pls report to your nearest police.he did this to my 14yr daughter i know he haz done it to a lot of other young galz 2.we reported it to police and nthn was done.he waz only stopped from teaching galz xul n now he teachez only boyz xul like meru boyz but dat is not enuf.he has to answer for his sins.his number is a desperate mother,plz share this post for this info to reach ever1.if you are out there or you are his friend,pliz pliz pliz let justice be served 41.”

I immediately call Davis back and tell him “Please, next time call me for more serious matters. Surely, if this is a desperate mother like she claims she is, why would she use a fake account to come publicly to cry that her daughter has been molested. I mean, if your daughter was actually molested and you knew who did it, would you hide your face and real names and fight anonymously? And which mother who has a 14 year old daughter types like that? Xul, dea, galz?? Who is her mother?? “ And we laughed about it and decided it is nothing to worry about and let’s just hope it’s a story that will just die down with time.

It hasn’t. I received a call from Davis again on 18th March at 10pm and he tells me to check out one of the most visited websites in kenya ( where the story has been posted and it has been inflated. Truly, wahenga hawakukosea waliposema “usipoziba ufa, utajenga ukuta”

For those who do not know Davis Olmoran Nato, he was a stage actor having done several plays with the Festival of Creative arts theatre group but he later took a hiatus for greener pastures when he got a job at Imax as a Sale manager.  He recently wanted to make a move back into the film industry when this story broke out and is in fear of his name being harshly and untruthfully tarnished. He is worried about his current job and for the future jobs that may come. People forget but the internet never does and this already has made a friend, a brother and also a high school drama teacher extremely worried for his life.

If you thought you have experienced cyber-bullying before, think again.

Since no one has published his side of the story yet, Davis had this to say when I finally asked him if the rumor is true.

"Of course not. You know me better than that. For a few months I have been threatened by some individuals that they will tarnish my name as an actor for exposing them of an illegal act that they were planning. They have been going round asking people about my past and using other people to access my personal info. I didn’t think they would go this far. A fake account has been opened and is posting the lies about me; all over Facebook. I cannot explain much as I’ve reported the matter to the police and they are already investigating the issue. I am trying to get back to acting after I took a year break and I hope this won’t mess my plans. It is however amazing how a tool like social media can be used as a weapon against innocent individuals. Isn't this a form of terrorism?If truly I did what is claimed of me, let that person reveal themselves and let any girl who I molested as accused come out and speak.”

So what do you think? What does your instinct tell you about all this?

By Gerald Langiri

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