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For those who might not know her,Judith Audu is a nigerian actress, blogger, model and voice-over artiste. She has a B.A. in French and Masters degree in Public Relations and International Affairs. She featured in her first movie titled Life is beautiful in 2004 directed by Femi Ogedengbe and Hammer directed by Izu Ojukwu and also featured in her first Tv series One love by Alpha Vision.She has since featured in Tv series like ‘Emerald’ ,‘Seekers’, ‘Huzzel’ , ‘Tinsel’ among mnay others which you can find out from her website

As a blogger, she talks about upcoming actors, share food recipes and entertainment gist but no gossips on her blog,, she is also a Voice over artist that has featured in several Radio Drama’s and voice over jobs and a photography model.

I managed to have a chat with this down to earth Nollywood actress and talked about the two industries (Kenya and Nigeria) and perhaps find ways on how our kenyan actors can get into the hollywood market. Below is the response and advice she gave me:

Judith Audu

"My brother of a truth,I have no advice o cos even me wey dey hear na after the show we dey hear, its usually a group of people that codedly circulate it. All the so called agents and managers will only listen to you when you have single handedly climbed up. The industry is the same all over the world. Everyone only want to identify with people that are AList no one cares how they got there.

I cant say Gerald oya come to Lagos and you will get roles sharp sharp. It doesnt work like that. Its quite tough aside the fact that Nigeria is blessed with unimaginable talents so its God's favour first and then fitting into the role better second. Auditions here people are usually in almost thousands even closed castings. So one has to be extremly good to get to final reading set, sleeping around no dey even work again cos no producer wants to use money and not use good actors even if they have slept with you.

This is what I do and as a friend I would tell you to do same:Search for good producers and directors, if you see a movie you love search for the producer and director and add them up, send them a msg and tell them how you would love to work with them, Ask for their email address so you can send your profile(headshot, resume, website) and clipsor showreels. It always works cos they are all looking for something new.

Building your online profile is the way forward, we are in the age where as you are talking to someone, the person is busy googling you.

My brother to tell you who who to meet isnt a problem. The question is, will they listen to you if you are a nobody or dont have the right brand and material? Most of these guys dont produce everytime so the trick is being there at the right time.

Keep doing what you are doing, before you know whats happening you will be all over. Network with people though so when a role comes up that suits you they can call. If you can get onone show, you will from there start entering the Nigeria market gradually by getting referrals.

I am not sure what you were expecting to hear but i love being open with people and tell them as it is. The industry is same all over"

So what do you think? Did that advice help?

Judith Audu

By Gerald Langiri

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