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If there is one thing Americans know how to do best, it is to sell their country. I haven’t been to America (Yet) but I know how it looks like and I sure as hell know I do not want to mess with it. They are years ahead in terms of technology, their defense systems are 98% unbreakable and their president is truly the leader of the free world. All this I know because of the power of their films where they showcase America as a super power.

Come back closer home and we have been raised to not question the government or speak ill of the president without dire consequences. Until recently as seen with the Uhuru administration, presidents were feared and not much of their personal lives were known and maybe that is the reason we’ve never seen anyone dare make a TV series on the life of the president and what goes on in his private life. Politics were and perhaps still is a sensitive subject matter. How are presidential decisions made? Who affects them? Does the 1st family have issues like any other family? Is knowing all this information affect our view of the presidency? Well, no one dared to do ask those questions, until now.

It has been termed Kenya’s version of the Scandal but the similiarity between the two shows ends at the fact that it is a show that opens us into the life of the president. State House is a thrilling 12 episode series which will air on Zuku Entertainment, channel 100 every Monday 8:30pm, starting 3 March. The 12 episodes will be followed by a “making of” episode, in which cast, crew, producers and broadcaster all give behind the scenes insights into the production.

Shot in a lavish mansion that is rumored to be the house of the late Njenga karume, State house is a Zuku Production and is directed by award winning film maker Wanuri Kahiu.

Starring some big names in the acting industry like Jimmi Gathu (plays the president), Chichi Seii (presidents wife) , Steve Matias (State house controller), Kaz Lucas (Presidents PA) , Hellen Keli, Martin Githinji, Shirleen Wangari plus many more, the series is an original modern day political drama , that traverses the unseen world of the head of state's residence and office, peeking into an arena that is constantly rife with political intrigue and scandalous relationships. It follows the servants who run the house, the Controller that rules it and the guests, politicians and diplomats that fill its corridors.

It’s another thumbs up for Wanuri Kahiu as she continues to break the ground with projects that set the bar high for film making in Kenya. Another project that Wanuri is famously known for is Pumzi, a Kenyan science-fiction short film that was screened at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival as part of its New African Cinema program.

Politics and power seem to be the themes that State house has to offer; Power that is not only portrayed by the men but by the 1st lady and PA to the president and how they directly or indirectly affect, the presidents stand as the pillar of authority. Who exactly wears the pants in this house?

The public had a chance to watch the 1st four episodes of State house when it premiered on Thursday 27th Feb 2014 at Nakumatt Junction Century Cinemax. The series will continue showing at the cinema everyday at 7:30pm till the 7th of March.

Below are some of the pictures from the premier of statehouse.




Chichi Seii and Shirleen Wangari

Jimmi Gathu and Chichi Seii


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