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Mos Kode is a very intriguing drama that reflects on the skeletons that we work tirelessly to hide in our cabinets. The thing we practice in the dark and hope that shall never see the ambiance of the sun. It mirrors on the obsessions of many who will put money and material things before anything else.

The movie was through a collaborative effort between The Theatre Production and 3dAfrika Media to produce Kenyan movies telling the Kenyan/African story.

This is the first in a series of Kenyan movies to be produced as a collaborative effort between the 2 companies in various Kenyan dialects, English, Swahili and Slang. Their intention, to produce a movie per month with Mos Kode as the pilot project.

Mos Kode is a story of the supernatural, love, jealousy, triumph, pride, culture that sees a single mother of two(Joan Arigi), with greater need for a life she never had, forces her younger daughter, EUNICE (Hyline Kenya) to be married to CHARLES, (Rading Collins), a rich man who can supply to her unending demands but the story turns from laughter and enjoyment to grief as EUNICE finds out CHARLES makes his money through dark magic. 

A very well done film both with the story and the technical aspects of it. With a global appeal, I managed to enjoy watching the film despite not being luo and the English subtitles really came in handy.The good news is, Kenyans can now get to own a copy of the film as it is now out on DVD and is going for only ksh 500.

To can order a copy on olx Mos Kode Original DVDs

or by calling +254 725 939 983/+254 723 980 736

or email

Check out the trailer of the movie below:


Mos Kode Cast

Joan Arigi

She has acted in a number of Television series, Theater plays and films. This include Mali, Gereji Matata, Serikali ya Bibi, Kalausi, Iya Mbasna, among others. She is one of the founders of The Theatre Production Company now specializing in Plays, Film and Television Program production. She is a producer of the Movie Mos Kode where she also acted and helped create.

Asante Rading and Eileen kenya

Asante Rading and Eileen Kenya

Asante Rading Colling:

Being a stage and Film actor, Asante has acted in over 20 Plays including The Merchant of Venice which he directed while working with Betta Theatrix, a performing arts group in Kisumu, Christmas Baby Warom Kisumo by Culture Spill and staged at The Kenya National Theatre among others.

After a series of trainings on Writing Scripts for Screen, first by Denis Feldman, a scriptwriter based in the US, through the Voices For Umoja Project in conjuction with Abila Creative Center, and later by Cajetan Boy through a Kenya Film Commision training programme in Kisumu, Asante  has been able to Co- Create and Write, Produce, Direct and Act in Mos Kode ,

Eileen Kenya:

She is an upcoming Theater and screen star who is also a Model. Her performances in this, her first Movie appearance is more than impressive. She is one of the main characters of Mos Kode.

Steve Ochogo and Angela Nancie

Steve Ochogo and Angela Nancie

Steve Ochogo:

He is one of the founding members of the Theater production. He is a stage actor, set book producer and director. He has appeared in a KBC production as an actor. He is also main character in Mos Kode.

Angela Nancie:

Anjella is a dark skinned 5'5 ft 25years old who has a deep passion in arts. She started acting at the age of 18. She started off with stage plays, public shows especially French plays with heartstrings ensembles (speaks fluent French). She has since appeared in several local programs i.e. papa shirandula, saints, wash and set, nairobi law among others as a minor role and currently Angel's diary on KBC as a major role and has hosted a cooking show that ran for 2 seasons. Mos kode is however her first in movies. Besides acting, she does tv production and has been behind the scenes in several tv shows ie machachari, the team, agenda kenya, uongozi and several others. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication at Daystar University.

 Mos Kode

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