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From the producers of ‘HEKAYA ZA LIKOBE’ comes a sizzling police TV Drama series,called ‘AFANDE’. A depiction of real life police drama where cast members dress,behave and talk like the typical Kenyan police. Sounds like another Inspekwa Mwala if you ask me but the producer of the show Jirongo Luyali feels that this show will be different from the inspeka Mwala's that have graced our TVs.

“I know many people will say that I have copied Citizen TV’s ‘INSPEKTA MWALA’, but I assure the audience that ‘AFANDE’ is totally diffenent from ‘MWALA’. We have fresh and talented cast members and every episode of our show will be bringing out something new.We will not be predictable and will give the viewer a reason to follow our series.We are also going to showcase the real Kenyan police. Talk of arrogance,ignorance,humour and laughter,it is all in ‘AFANDE’" says Jirongo

Why did you come up with a show with a similar concept as Inspekta Mwala? "The reason to why I came up with this show is because I felt that inspekta mwala show does not bring out the real Kenyan police intrigues, fun and life.We will also focus on the police lives out of work. Here,we will highlight what goes on in their homes and how they relate with their families.This is exactly what the audience is waiting for."

Watch this space.’AFANDE’ is soon coming to a TV near you.

See the trailer of the show below.

This remind me, what happened to that brilliant concept of a Kenya Police Reality show? An interactive TV show featuring Kenya police officers aimed at bettering the relationship between the Police and the general public through open barazas (discussion forums) where people in attendance will be taught community policing, civic education and humanitarian understanding. The pilot starred Policeman and actor Kwach a.k.a. Qwacheez and the beautiful Officer Chemu.

Watch the pilot below

According to ghafla, the project stalled following difficulties to reach Interior and Co-ordination of National Government, Cabinet Secretary Ole Lenku and other Police linchpins to help start the ball rolling for the TV show, considering the police was the main source of information.

And just like that, the good initiative and what would be a very major step in local production died a natural death.

With shows like 24 that had many kenyans get glued to their TV, there surely is a need for a police crime drama show that might give us our equivalent of a Jack Bauer hero. Better yet, ease up on the misunderstanding and stigma that the public has of our policemen.

By Gerald Langiri.

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