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Eric Omtere is an actor from Mombasa who is popularly known for his role as Roy (Loverboy) in the program UDHALIMU which was on KBC and is still being aired on Africa Magic Swahili. He has also featured in some of Mombasa movies produced by Coastal Films productions such as  Pete, Text message, Shit happens, It’s never that serious just to mention but a few.

He has managed to take up several different characters as well. He acted as a Thug in pete, as a mechanic in shit happens, as a wimp in Its never that serious and as a leader of community in indelible shadows.

As a commercial model, he has featured on unga wa taifa bilboard and malta guiness advert.

Eric Omtere

He currently features on a Swahili Tv series called Almasi which airs on K24 every sunday,monday and Tuesday at 7:30pm where he plays the role of Jaffar, the lover boy.

Eric started acting in 2007 and unlike many parents who think acting is nothing worth pursuing as a career, Eric was inspired and motivated by his my mum because from Eric had a sense of humor and used to make people laugh during family gatherings.

He went for auditions in Mombasa in 2007 for a Citizen Tv program called Majaliwa and was taken up as an extra. The same production house then produced Udhalimu and he landed a main character and thus his big break.

Born in 25 May 1986, Eric says he loves acting because it’s his passion and he takes it as his career and not just a part time job or hobby like many upcoming actors perceive it.

Eric Omtere

Eric is also a script writer and has started his own film production and he's looking forward to shoot more movies and Tv programs and build the Kenyan and coast film industry.

Eric is a hardworking and ambitious person and he likes to surround himself with people with the same characteristics.

Eric however feels that Mombasa actors are a bit disadvantaged because most acting opportunities and productions are in Nairobi but the truth is there is no difference between the two cities as Mombasa has great actors and great productions such as Ashiner pictures. They produce great movies that get nominations in Nigeria and south africa and they also produce good Tv programs and pay handsomely well to survive as an actor. I think the Kenyan film industry should be fair enough and bring more opportunities to Mombasa because there is a lot of talent here and equally great passion.

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Eric Omtere

By Gerald Langiri

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