Gerald Langiri
September 19 / 2011

1.Movies, Series, Theatre, Awards! Is there anything you have not done?
The banana ride at Lunar Park. I do not intend to by the way.

2.Theatre or Film, which does it for you and why?
Theatre any day. There is no take two, so you pull all sorts of silly stunts to get yourself out of the murk if you mess up. The adrenalin rush is mad! Love it.

3.Pick one project you did that will forever have a hold on you?
I have a soft spot for Better Days to this day.

4.Will I be safe to say that Better days was the show that propelled you to stardom?

5.Will I be safe to say I had a huge crush on you when you were in better days?
Depends, are you saying it to me or to my husband?

6.Haha.6 years in marriage and still counting! What is the secret?
We dip our feet in cold spaghetti every third Tuesday of the month. No. There is no secret. Just have a regular, honest chat with God and he will tell you what you need to know.

7.So marriage is not as bad as most people perceive it is?
I kinda really enjoy mine. Very much. But then again, my hubby is the coolest, funniest person I know.

8. Any Kids?
A really cool two year old boy who is currently trying to stuff our pet cat into my shoes.

9.Haha.Going down memory lane, most people ask, I want to act but how do I start. How did you join the acting industry?
I went for the auditions. BUT, you have to start where you are. I knew of these auditions because I was already at it.

So, my advice is, start something. Community drama, church skits, anything! Someone is bound to hear of something and tell you, hey, why dont you try out for project X?
But I have a problem with people who sit on their hineys waiting for their big break.

10.(Did she just say hiney?internal smile)Has that changed from back then compared to recent times?
Nope, there is no way around auditions, much as I dont like them myself.

11. For the fans, where did you disappear to?We do not see you on TV as much as some of us (me) would like?
Im not on TV, but I have been doing quite a bit behind the screen. I am also a Director and video editor.

12. Have you now become a full time director opposed to an actor?
No. Acting is a drug. Once you have been on stage or screen, you know you will be back. It Does not matter how long it takes. You will be back!!! *Evil laugh*

13. You being the director of Briefcase Inc, great job on that by the way,
Thank you
You are welcomed. What are some of the challenges you face?
Do you have the rest of your life to hear them? *smile*.

14.Gosh!..ok,Who came up with the briefcase idea?
Me. I was running a business with no experience and no money. I got so frustrated I just started to laugh at myself and think hey this could be a movie!

(Initially it was meant to be a movie, but then we had too much to say and it ended up being a TV series.)

15.Most people share the opinion that Kenyan producers and directors do not want to spend money to buy good scripts and we end up having lame stories and programs on TV, what do you have to say about that?
I do not agree that our programs are lame. Of course there are a few exceptions, but by and large, I think we have come from very far and we are making good progress.

I will also say this. A scriptwriter, who is disciplined AND creative at the same time, is EXTREMELY hard to come by. That is perhaps why some producers decide to just go with whatever is available.

16.Where is our acting industry heading?
This is a transitional period. Future actors will have it progressively easier. Acting is now being seen as a respectable profession.

17.What more should we expect from you soon?
To tell or not to tell *wonders to self*

18.hehe.At 31 years of age, do you have any regrets?
Yes. I should have given you a maximum of ten questions. These questions are many. I am afraid I will turn 40 by the time I am done with this interview.

19.hahaha..If you could go back in time, is there anything you would have done differently?
You know what? No. Every step of my life has brought me here, and I like here.

20.What is the side of you that the public never sees?
Is this the last question? You said 21 questions.

21.One more to go,Advise to the young upcoming actors and directors?
What! More questions? Are you serious?

22.What is your telephone number, you know. Just incase. ?
Just in case what.

24.Any last remarks?
Can I go now?



Oh my! What did I get myself into? lol.
You can view Joyce Musokes actors profile HERE to get to know more about her acting career.

Interviewed by Gerald Langiri.

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