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Peter Oruka Odera started acting on screen back in early 2011. He made his debut on Changing Times(KTN) as a mafia henchman. Soon he got other roles like on Mali as a lawyer, Noose of Gold as a crazy therapist and Mheshimiwa as a powerful drug lord.

He started acting back in high school and did several plays. After high school he decided to try it at a more professional level and hitherto this is the far it has got him. Peter is passionate about theater and acting as an art. Currently he is acting/working on a new series "New Beginnings" scheduled to start airing on Africa Magic soon. He is also a student at the United States International University.

Peter Oruka Odera

Peter Oruka Odera

Not known to many, Peter Odera is also the brother of one, Owiso Odera, a Hollywood actor known for Blue Bloods (CBS), Numb3rs (CBS), The Unit (CBS), FlashForward (ABC), recurring roles on Three Rivers (CBS) and DIRT (FX).  Owiso also joins the cast of the Originals to play Alphonz Bellatunde Delgallo commonly referred to as Papa Tunde , an exceptionally powerful warlock .

Owiso Odera

Owiso Odera

I managed to have a one on one with Peter Odera to get to know more about him and his ambitions and if he will be following in his brothers footsteps in Hollywood and from the short direct answers he was giving, clearly, this is one man who isn’t as chatty as many actors around..well, like me for example lol

1. When were you born?

I was born on 17th June 1989.

2. When was the 1st time you realized you wanted to be an actor?

I became interested in acting right from high school.

3. Is your family full of artsy people or its just you and your brother?

Its only me and my brother in the family who are artists.

4. Is it so much pressure trying to follow in your brothers footsteps?

Its no much pressure as I do it out of my artistic passion.

5. Do you have any hope of also getting to hollywood or are you content with Kenya?

With hardwork Hollywood is not far fetched.

6. How would you describe kenya's acting industry?

Kenya's acting industry is really growing and the future looks good, this is because we can see more and more artists fully depending on their acting careers unlike the past. Nowadays it is not unusual for a parent to urge their children to pursue a career in performing arts.

7.What drives you?

Contribution to the growth of the Kenyan and African film industry drives me.

8. What are your Future ambitions?

In future i hope to go into directing am still learning about it, but it will be possible.

9. How do you prepare for your roles?

Before i go on set, i normally exercise and go through the character bible and do some research before going through the script.

10. Advice to the fellow actors?

My advice to fellow actors is resilience in this industry as nothing is easy and constantly be on the lookout for auditions as this is the only way to grow your career as an actor. Apart from that, an actors profile accompanied by a professionally done actor reel is also important as it markets you and sets you apart from the many other actors who have no clue.

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Peter Oruka Odera

By Gerald Langiri

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