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We all heard that Caroline Wanjiku Tharau or commonly known as Teacher Wanjiku, will have her new show after a fall out with Churchill where she was really the show stopper. Her fall out with Churchill is rumoured to be because of the ksh 6million she got paid for the airtel advert she featured in and apparently, Churchill was demanding 60% of that amount because he was the one who discovered and brought her to the limelight. Claims that Churchill and the producers of the show have vehemently denied.

Enough with that side story and lets get straight to how the audiences received her show after her bold move to go solo.

One Gwara Winch sent us a whoole article on why He thinks the teacher Wanjiku show will not get a season two.


I believe that the 1st Episode of a TV SHOW should start with a "Punch" as we had anticipated in the Seasons Premier on Citizen TV.
The Concept ????????? to me so old fashion.

The Location - The Location Manager did not do his/her work properly. He failed us (the viewers ). That place looked like a borrowed construction site. There are so many well built Schools in this Country with good Classrooms and you can get them for free. That Program (TEACHER WANJIKU) is way above that 'borrowed construction construction site.'

The Actors :- From the first scene we could all tell that the Actors "wako down" . They are NOT lively as we had expected,except for Sleepy who was trying. I understand that Teacher Wanjiku is a TV drama with some comedy in it. Comedy is NOT easy, so the Actors need to up their game to make the Show enjoyable. The Crew may blunder but the Actors have No room for mistakes. They are the Show,they can choose to make it or destroy it,many people don't put much concentration on the technical part,they mostly concentrate on the Actors.

The Host (Teacher Wanjiku) good start,thumbs up,keep up the game but with that accent, girl you still have a long way to go.

If we continue seeing Sleepy every Friday,the Comedy in him will be gone,trust me..ask Churchill, Eric Omondi and another comedian following the footsteps is MC.Jessy (Churchill Raw host) boy say goodbye to an Actor.

The Editor:- Too many Close up shots...Kweni the Camera man did not take other creative shots????

The Camera man -: The Shots ???????....with that Picture Quality we can tell the Camera you are using.but good work.
All in all Lights,Sound and Continuity...Super!!!

The "good" thing about the program is that they have Latifah Ngunjuri and Wachira Waruru as Executive Producers and Ngige Ngugi as the Producer. That means that the program will not go off-air anytime soon....Look at INSPEKTA MWALA ,however boring it may be, it is still on air,so long as Latifah Ngunjuri,Wachira Waruru and Ngige Ngugi are part/co-owners of your Show, it will have a shelf-life (politics).

Conclusion:- Almost every TV Show especially the 1st Episode must have a mistake that is always corrected later on e.g SIRKAL YA BIBI on K24,the 1st Episode had a lot of mistakes but they saw it and corrected and now they are good.

Thumbs up TEACHER WANJIKU for the Premier.but you guys have a lot of Corrections to make and we hope that the Program will be the best TV Show /prog of the Year." Gwara Winch

Other people who spoke boldy about the show is Kenyan actress Lizz Njagah who feels that accent comedy is outdated and so "yesterday"

See the post below of what she said the comments the came after from Kenyans who agreed and disagreed with her.

Harafu?? What do you think of the show? arama ya duku duku...

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