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  • Posted On: 2014-02-18 00:00:00

 Riverwood Ensemble, a coming together of over 200 film producers from all over Kenya and employers of over 4000 youth decided to come together and recognize the players in the film industry in Kenya. This shall be through Riverwood Academy Awards which shall be launched at the Ukumbi Mdogo in Kenya National Theatre Nairobi on the 26th of February 2014 starting from 2.00PM to 4.00PM.

This event shall have the unveiling of the major players, the jury that is going through the submitted films and the “Ensemble” (the awards trophy). We want to show the world that Riverwood is not about cheap low quality movies as many people erroneously believe. We want the world to know that in Riverwood, there are great quality productions created from great quality equipment and great talent and brains behind them. We need the world to know that Riverwood is the home of 100% homegrown entertainment. These producers have managed to produce on their own finance without support from donors.

The Gala Event which shall be on 15th March 2014 at Alliance Francais Nairobi starting from 6.00PM shall prove to the world that Riverwood has come of age. Everything is being put into place to ensure that it shall be the talk of the town for days on end on what an event should be. Great entertainment, as the nominees are awarded and it shall have all the Glitz and glamour.

For details on how to participate and take part in this event, email ANDREW OWUOR MARKETING MANAGER RIVERWOOD ACADEMY AWARDS

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