Gerald Langiri
February 18 / 2014

The business of acting is an important concept to know and is also one of the single most overlooked concepts among new actors. Why do you think they call it show BUSINESS and not show ACTING or show UP? There’s a reason why they call it show business, because that’s what it is. Only those people who truly understand that concept and apply it have a real chance of being successful. But most actors don’t want to take the time to learn the business of acting and only want to know about auditions thinking that will work. If you have been trying that for some time now and not getting anywhere, then you painfully understand what I’m saying.

Here are 5 reasons why most upcoming actors don’t take time to learn the business.

1. Learning the business of acting is something that most people aspiring to start an acting career don’t understand. Traditional thinking is that all you have to do to start an acting career is to find out about auditions and start auditioning. So – not – true.

Learning the business of acting means learning how to get yourself known in the acting industry by building relationships with casting directors, producers, directors and talent agents who will know who you are and who will CALL YOU because they want to work with you. It is different from always trying to contact them and hoping desperately that someone will call you! It’s how you will get auditions regularly and frequently and also get frequent acting work. That is much different from just waking up one day, deciding you want to become an actor and running to auditions without a clue of what goes on in the industry and how it works and not get called back.  In 99.9% of all cases, that method doesn’t work. People ask me all the time to “when and where is the next audition” Nothing wrong with that but What I’m trying to say is, that if you learn the business of acting, you won’t need someone to find you auditions. You’ll be able to find auditions all by yourself and lots of them infact you will be the one being called for auditions.

2. Another reason why the concept of learning the business of acting isn’t practiced is because most people, most human beings in general in every aspect of life want a big result without doing much work. Learning the business takes work, but it is time well invested. Once you learn how to promote and market yourself, how to sell yourself, how to get noticed or how to “get discovered”, it becomes part of how you work, it becomes part of who you are and the results will speak for themselves.  That means that if you learn the business well and are disciplined at applying its principles, you will have more contacts with casting directors, producers, directors, you will be auditioning, not just once in a while, but REGULARLY and you will get more acting jobs AND you will make enough money to sustain a living from acting and live that dream of calling yourself a professional working actor. It’s that simple.

3. A third reason I’ve discovered why most people don’t bother trying to learn the business even if they do understand the concept is, because they have this illusion that it isn’t necessary. They believe that a shining light will come from the sky and touch them and they will be discovered and suddenly, with no acting experience, begin working as an actor alongside some of our finest actors. I’ve been trying for years now to discourage people from this kind of thinking, but every year, more people will contact me and ask how they can “just get started or where are the auditions”, because someone told them that “they have what it takes”. Fortunately I’ve been able to convince hundreds that if they want to be successful at starting their acting careers, they need to learn how things work in the acting industry.

4. One more reason why people don’t bother to learn or to even try and learn the business of acting is, because they think it’s too difficult. It takes time, but it isn’t difficult. It can be so easy, if you just learn how to do it. These are just some of the things you will need to know how to do well when you learn the business of acting.

5. So many people think that getting noticed by casting directors and producers or “getting discovered” as it is so often called, is really all about “who you know”.  What they don’t realize is that it’s really all about “who wants to know you”!

To find out who wants to know you, you have to put your best foot forward and make them WANT to know you. So how do you do that? That’s why you need to learn the business of acting!

So what does all this mean?

It means that now that you have listened to my version (which is the version about learning the acting business that any serious actor or professional in the acting industry will give you), you are now conscious of the truth and now you have to make a conscious decision about how you want to start your acting career. Here are some things to consider on making your decision.

 If you:

a. have been trying for any amount of time to “just” start out by trying to get auditions and have been going for auditions but not getting called back
b. have no contacts with directors, producers casting directors or agents
c. have no talent agent representation,
d. have no experience acting and haven’t taken any acting classes and furthermore, you don’t believe that taking acting classes is necessary,

Then you need to look at yourself in the mirror ask yourself one question.

“Where will my acting career be six months or a year from now if I keep doing the same things I have been doing to get started?” Nowhere..same place you are now.

So, having said that, you have one more question to ask yourself IF you really are serious about starting an acting career and that question is:

“What am I going to do now to really get my acting career started quickly?”

Advised by Tony, creator of ActingCareerStartUp.com

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