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Describe yourself in one word.

Ok, now try two words?
Shy and hardworking guy! (oh! those were 3 words? hehe)

A degree in Sociology and Psychology and you ended up acting instead, WHY?
Acting has always been a part of me since I was young. I did psychology and sociology because I love interacting with people despite my shyness.

So which career would you like to pursue acting or Sociology/Psychology?
Let me say time will tell but for now am focusing with acting but by the end of the day I will have to exercise what I learn in my degree course.

How did you get to act in Changing Times?
I heard about the auditions from my pal Nick Ndeda, then I went, did my thing and after 3weeks I got a call from the producer that I had qualified.

Is it everything you expected it to be? The acting industry I mean?
Yeah! Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be on TV but as an actor. I always Thank God I have achieved one of my many dreams.

If it was upto you, what would you change about the acting industry?
So far nothing much but I would make sure all actors are paid well.

I am assuming women are always chasing you, seeing you are a pretty boy (no homo), right?
Women normally chase a guy with personality, class and swag.

of course you know what question comes next,Are you single?
Yes. I am very much single.

When was the last time you got laid?
Hahaha!!! It has been a while.

kelvin mbithi

How was your childhood?
My childhood was very interesting and full of fun. I was brought up by my grandparents and that was the best thing ever since I never lacked anything.

Grandparents? Why not your parents?
I was very mischievous when young, still am a bit, I think hehe. So my parents took me to my grandparent for some correctional lessons from my grandma and I really got a lot of that. My grandma whipped the mischievous out of me, so to speak

You are only 22 years of age; do your parents still have a hold on you?
NOPE. They set me free when I attained age 18..But whenever I have some difficulties I always go back home *big smile*

What do they say about you and acting?
They always say they are proud of me though I do not know what that means according to them.

should your parents have been more or less strict, Where do you think you would be?
If they were strict, I would be a spoiled brat probably an alcoholic since I would be trying to do things they have always not allowed me to do for example clubbing.

How easy is it or hard playing the ghetto Kid Jaymo on Changing times?
At first it was a challenge but now I am used to it since I now know my character very well.

so were you raised ghetto or you come from a rich background but can act ghetto to?
I was not raised ghetto but let me say I had and have a comfortable life..

what do you like most about acting?
The fact that you are in another character that is not yours. It is a good challenge and I love it.

If you had not been born in this country, where else would you have liked to live?
I LOVE IT HERE. Kenya is everything.

Do you now consider yourself a celebrity?
Nope, I am just an actor!

You describe yourself as a down to earth guy, what makes you say that?
Well, I am shy which most people do not know and I was brought up in a Christian set up family. I interact with people very well of any class, stature, tribe or race.

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama in the kalasha 2011 film and TV awards? Wow! Was that a shock?
I believe I am a good actor so far but am yet to become A GREAT ACTOR.It was not a shock though when I was told that I had been nominated I got a stomach ache(Do not know why hehe)

Do you expect to win?
I trust IN GOD so yeah I will win

you are competing against Vincent Mbaya, Juma William and Peter King? If not you to win it, who else do you think will take it in that category?
KEVIN MBITHI *big grin*

Any last words to your fans?
Thanks for making Jaymo big. I shall never let you down. God bless

Advise to aspiring actors like you?
Do not act because of the fame. Act because you love it and never let fame overcome you!!Always be yourself and you will go far or places (as they always say)

kelvin mbithi



Interview done by Gerald Langiri.

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