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This is the year when the country and the region goes digital. It is however sad that there are artists and actors who have not taken time to interrogate and comprehend what this means to their lives and careers.

To put it simply, it means a universe of industry opportunities for you. This should open the thinking and resolution drafting process for you as an actor. Nothing must remain the same for you, there has to be a pursuit of dreams and delivery of promises, all wrapped up in hope, faith and desire.

The idea of lone ranger tactics have seen you through the desert, you have survived through the worst, it is now time to start living in style and splendor. You deserve to treat yourself well and for this you must have a very good plan of action, one you must follow to the letter.

There needs to be less talk and lots of actions this time around, drop the losers club, the tattoos and nose drills, they have enslaved and estranged you. Stick to those which have worked for you and throw out those which have made you the one man or woman that the producers have loved to avoid and it is my hope you know what they are.

Those bad habits which even a pig can loathe, it is time they are cast out…some outfits have been good on stage and during Halloween, but now it's time to put a new person out there. If it hasn’t been working out for you, rebrand. Completely reloaded with new firmware and software, same motherboard, better applications for this remodeled and refurbished computer we call the actor.

I will humble myself in the name of going to the next level, as long as I am using the right means and not compromising my dignity in the process. I need to start listening more and talking less....I need to really improve my physical, social and emotional profile, I need to have a personality appraisal.

This is the year to watch enough films and attend enough forums and seminars. My diary has to have a calendar of events; I have to use all my contacts to know all the activities happening in the name of TV, theater and film. I have to get more involved, I have to get me a mentor and I have to let everybody see the new me who is ready to rock the universe with new energy. May be this is the reason producers have been avoiding me. They don't know what I have been up to. I stayed out and they thought I quit. I must out myself out there more.

I have to be in the know. I must educate myself even it means going back to school to learn something new. How come as an actor I can’t participate in a topic as easy and career rewarding as digital migration? I have to know things....I have to.

They were born to scare my dreams away, I am an actor and this is how I will proudly be introducing myself in all forums, after all this is a noble profession the one that I have chosen for myself because I love it dearly.

I am cleaning my room and my house, time to invite new energy and light into the rooms, I have to start creating the chapters of this new novel I want to write about me… about putting the last line of the last chapter first? Makes it very easy for me to start thinking about the beginning. This must be done; I can push it to another year…

Then, I will have to really tell my family to give me my space and let me be, all I want them to do is support what I do. I love it and I am doing it for the rest of my life.  Acting for me is a choice and I will give it respect, character and shape it…I will proudly define acting so that it models me into a person to be respected……I know where to begin, with my mirror and my diary….. Now that I know where to begin ……. what I want to do for the year as an actor, I am ready to meet the cameras with a smile….

By John Karanja.

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