Gerald Langiri
December 18 / 2013

Edward Nyanaro is one of those multi-talented artists with a bone of entrepreneurship in them. In a world where most artists are known to lack one or two skills to push them forward in their craft, Edward seems to have embraced both his artistic side and business side and blended the two very well.

He is an actor, model, acapella musician, an agent (254 talent management), a former advertising Executive for Radio Africa group and a very single 27 year old man born on the 26thOct 1986.

Still in his early years of his acting career,  this budding actor full of zeal is more prominently known for his debut role in MTV's hit series Shuga: Love Sex &Money where he played the  controversial character of Rayban , a gay guy. He however maintains that his character has nothing to do with him and he is very straight as he winks to a lady passing by.

Edward on shuga

That opened his doors wider when he also made a guest star appearance on Mali where he played the role of an interior designer in Usha’s (Mkamzee Mwatela) house.  He also made a guest appearance on Lies that bind as another suitor for Patricia (Maureen koech).

Edward has a Diploma in Marketing Management. He developed the passion of acting at an early age in primary school and progressed throughout university to become the Chairperson of Drama and Music club where his performances were seen nationally.

His personal big break however came when he got another major role (after Shuga that is) when he landed the role of Eric, on the hit Mnet Swahili Series Sumu La Penzi.

I managed to catch up with him and got this short but informative interview:

Let’s talk about Sumu La Penzi, how did you land the role?

 Well, I attended an audition at Spielworks for some of their many projects that they had lined up. I auditioned for the role of Tash (the role DnG is currently playing in the series).  I  wasn’t  sure which program they will put me on but I was happy that I was taken for the Sumu La Penzi role.

What is the show about?

 The show is basically about Love and a love triangle centered around 3 female best friends each with their dark secret. I happen to be a rich affluent married guy who has his eyes set on one of the women Eva (played by Avril Nyambura) but also happens to be “mpango wa kando” to my best friend Martin (played by Peterson Gathambo).

You model as well??

Yes, I am a freelance commercial model and have been for almost 5 years now having been involved in projects like Guinness TVC, KCB Bankika print advert and Tunza medical clinic TVC just to mention but a few.

Edward model

So why did you end up starting an agency (254 talent management)?

 I felt that models were not given proper attention based on the mass number of talents that most agents have in Kenya which then means talent is not personally catered for or given the attention. So I wanted to make a difference by making my own agency and have very few talented individuals who I can easily manage on a one on one basis and make maximum use of their talents and potentials.  The other reason is an opportunity that I was pursuing personally came along where we can link best Kenyan models to the new York market where we are working closely with Gath Thompson Management agency.

And where have you reached so far with that abroad connection/partnership?

Well, we are still in talks. Nothing finalized yet. I have sent them like 20 of my models profiles. The agency wanted me to meet them up Jamaica but I didn’t have funds so i couldn’t travel there. We are however still building our relationship.

How did you join your boy band Fiesta Milele?

In 2009 I joined Kayamba Fiesta where I performed as a live band member and had previously performed with Guadalupe singing group in 2006. In 2011, after leaving Kayamba Fiesta,I joined Fiesta Milele and since then I have been growing musically. Fiesta Milele does alot of African music from diverse communities in Kenya as well as zilizopendwa, zulu, baganda hyms. I am also the Marketing Manager in the group and other than that; I sing the Baritone and Alto voices.

Fiesta Milele

What more should we expect from you?

More is still to come from Edward and catch me soon on Simiyu Samurai Season 2 as Corprol Mwangi, a hired police officer sent to arrest Simiyus mothers.

Parting shot?

Whatever you set your eyes on , work towards it while surrounding yourself with people of same school of thought to mentor you and also exchange idea and trust meyou will make it. I can’t say the journey will be easy as you will meet people who will tell you that you can’t make it but keep on doing what you do best and your star will shine. It doesn’t matter how long it may take. Following art is not an easy career but with dedication, hard work, integrity, excellence and a positive mind, it makes it easier.

Connect with Edward on Facebook here.

 Edward Nyanaro

Interview By Gerald Langiri

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