Gerald Langiri
December 16 / 2013

The understanding that you have to work your act out as an artist everyday must always ring in the mind. It is the fundamental business of waking up to go to the set that you should be married and committed to.

While many will wonder when your big break will happen, money will never wonder why it gets attracted to you all the time.

I find it reasonably important to tell all artists that they are what they believe, they have all these opportunities lying around and they need to sieve through them and channel their energies towards achieving their dream.

While many are keen on what others think about their performances and dreams, few are keen on creating a work plan with expected growth scales in mind. The business of exploring ways of bettering the profile from look to texture never seems to occupy their busy schedule.

It is good to know where auditions are, attend, perform and hope for the best, but you must also keep tabs of the many reasons that you want to be the best big thing on the screen and stage in mind all the time, focus on it as it will humble and mentally prepare you for the dream.

The biggest war that a man or woman fights is the one within, if you win over your mind and soul, then your spirit is ready. Engage the body physically so that what needs to be done is done, there is never any time to waste but there should be enough left to rest relax and rejuvenate. Remember that all that work without play makes jack and Jill dull children.

The film industry is a process and as much as you have passion, you must make sure that you have a neatly kept diary, where you record everything that you want to do to better yourself, it is like going to the gym, it is painful when you start, demanding when the shape happens and challenging when the new look is what you must maintain as the screen saver for your acting career. Good things take time, they however don’t take forever, and your development and maturity in the arts should be no exception. The day of the expose is when you decide that it is time to shine, when you sit down with yourself and design the house of your acting career, without leaving anything to chance. When you behave like the chief executive of your acting life, the rest quickly transform into awesome results.

I have been asked many times by people to mentor them, some I have declined because they lack character, discipline and the spirit inspire of immense raw and professional talent, others I have agreed because they exhibit so much respect for what they want and believe. Some I have accepted but pointed them to people who are incredibly superior in thought and processes, people I call my mentors. The impression that mentorship is not important is the death knell of many actors, many believe so much they are at the top and this has killed their careers.

I have so much from actors and artists both good and bad things, the importance of knowing each other before, during and after a job can be good and bad, every experience, exposure and action has brought both bile and nostalgia to my film and television production life, what can I say I am human and I have many flaws which I consult as my examination paper, they always help me in wanting to shape my desire to change into a better producer and I know with time, I will be better if I keep on keeping on…..this is something that the actors too must work at, the desire to change and transform for the better.

There are many opportunities out there, like the stars in the sky, I must however choose the stars I want to follow and make them the ones I want to work with, there are some who are too bright for my planet, others are too dull, others are just the right brightness…..knowing them by their illumination helps me to name them and appreciate them based on the project that they best fit in.

I accept the fact that I am in a process which transforms very quickly, today is always ancient history tomorrow. How much do I want to make sure that I will not regret what I should have done before tomorrow comes to take the fun away? Is today the day I make the much needed change into the better person I have always desired? I think so, I must stop acting the part and actually become the part, I must be one with the set, the character, the personality and every other physical and psychological requirement that goes with this new role, I must surprise the role and myself, the rest will be automatically shocked after they see the results……..

I must nurture and not leave the consequences to nature, it will spoil the process and kill the dream, when I humble myself in spite of the awesomeness of my performance, I create enough room for more growth and development, I know it is God who makes everything possible, I am joyful when all the praise go to Him, I am happy to be blessed when tomorrow comes with new opportunities....A prayer from the deepest echelons of my heart.

Compiled by producer and director, John Karanja. CHIEF EXECUTIVE, MAGIC GALAXY LTD.

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