Gerald Langiri
December 03 / 2013

From the first scene of the movie, the director, Alex Konstantaras, makes clear the intention of the film; sex and humor. It’s as if they are trying to promote Gerald Langiri (who plays Harrison) as a sex symbol! I will let you ladies be the judge of that but definitely brought a smile to my face. I read somewhere that he was asked to add 15kgs for the role. That explained a lot. Some jokes reminded me of Hangover, bordering on gross, guys out there will love that. The ladies will love Lenana Kariba (who plays Alex) and Gitau Ngogoyo(who plays Tito).

Gerald Langiri and Nice Githinji

Gerald Langiri(Harrison) and Nice Githinji (Charity)

Funniest scene for me was when Sarah Hassan’s(who plays Chichi) character suspects that Lenana and Gerald are a couple when she finds them together in women's clothes.

Lenana Kariba

Lenana Kariba (Alex) and Natassa Papadaki

Many witty lines, many bold scenes and a great performance from the entire star cast. Sarah Hassan is drifting away from her “Tanya character” and gives us an entertaining performance as sexy and funny Chichi, Ian Mbugua’s( who plays Mr Taylor) clande.

Sarah Hassan

Sarah Hassan as Chichi

It's good to see that Ian Mbugua can still act and is not only mean as Judge Ian. Found him funny and convincing playing the womanizer husband of Lizz Njagah.

Ian Mbugua

Lizz Njagah, gave a solid and sexy performance as Lola Taylor, the betrayed wife who decides to revenge on her husband’s escapades. Her and Lenana Kariba, who is acting as her lover, had a great on screen chemistry, solid acting and they bring both sexiness and laughter to the movie. Lenana also delivers some of the most memorable and wittiest one-liners of the movie!

Lizz Njagah and Alex Konstantaras

Lizz Njagah (Producer and actress-Mrs Taylor) with husband and Director Alex Konstantaras

I also enjoyed Gitau Ngogoyo as the ghetto guy, who is hustling down in River road. With his use of sheng he made us laugh. I would have loved to see more of him during the film.

Gitau Ngogoyo

Gitau Ngogoyo as Tito

Sheila Kwamboka's(who played the cop) performance as a policewoman surprised me in a positive way. Wasn’t expecting her to pull it off but she did and she was the catalyst towards the end of the film.

Sheila Kwamboka

Sheila Kwamboka as the cop.

A balanced performance from Nice Githinji(who plays Charity), both innocent and naughty as Gerald's fiancé. The performance the experienced actress gave was very convincing and she also had a good “on screen” chemistry with Gerald Langiri.

Saving the best for last, Gerald Langiri proves once more that he's the new bold face of Kenyan comedy and he is involved in some scenes that will raise eyebrows! He carries the role of Harrison very naturally and he easily steals the show with his antics especially In the bathroom scene wa!

Gerald Langiri.

I wish the buildup of the story in the beginning was a bit more animated and less wordy although it pays off in the end. Also Lola's friends should have appeared more in the film. The overall look of the film was great, the pictures were great as well is the soundtrack! Loved how they used Kenyan music. The producers did a great job having new songs written for the movie!

My verdict.

The movie is a well-executed adult comedy with a good balance of intelligent and slapstick humor that will keep you laughing throughout the movie. This in itself is already a great achievement for a comedy! The storyline is very interesting and although it contains a lot of characters and subplots they all tie up nicely in the end. Yes maybe the end doesn’t offer ultimate resolution but is more of a lighthearted look at the modern Kenyans tendency of infidelity rather than trying to offer a solution. The solution should come from us through discussion and the movie opens a door to discussion. Did I say it brings also lots of laughter? A must watch!

Rating: 8 out of 10

Review by Sheila Nyambura


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