Gerald Langiri
November 26 / 2013

Sometime back I spoke about the science of acting and this time round I would like to discuss the BEAUTY of acting. As an actor you need to involve yourself with appreciating the following. In case you have not read the article on the science of acting, click here before continuing reading this

B- Balance-You must know how to balance your social life and the professional responsibility. The later is the direct contribution to the economic essence of your life. While all work without play makes jack a dull boy, it also makes Jill a very confused girl when she does not appear on set on time because he went out with jack and spent the night spending each other’s cash, physical and emotional energy. Respecting what you do as an artist is very important, you must never be reminded that by your agent, the director, production manager, and producer and in a worst case scenario, the executive producer. It is all a matter of knowing that decisions have consequences, when you throw caution to the wind because you believe that your marquee name will always bail you out, you invite the death of your career, in this life and the one to come.

E- Excellence. Doing the best to outdo your last performance in a film, a television show or theater performance must be the inspiration that drives the vision that the artist has for him/herself. This must be ambitiously objective while being progressively subjective at the same time. You can be the best that you can only when you appreciate the importance of developing yourself as a brand, know that you need to look at yourself in the mirror and respect the person smiling back at you. When you pity and empathize with the reflection staring back at you, know that it is time to transform into a new person. IF you must do away with certain individuals whose idea of being an artist is drinking like a horse and doping like a chemist's shelf, then do it brother, you too sister, excellence is respecting yourself first before you ask of the same from the universe, most of the time the later is always automatic when the former is naturalized.

A-Availability. You have to be available physically, emotionally and spiritually to learn and be mentored by what you touch, hear, see, smell and observe in the name of acting 24-7-365. There are no assumptions required. If you suffer from excusitis( the disease associated with making lame excuses all the time and shameless having the audacity to loudly support this mostly in a noisy club) you have to kneel down and ask for divine intervention for no amount of therapy and rehabilitation will ever safe guard your acting career. Watch films, and be part of what is happening around your universe in the name of acting, it will help to structure your personality towards the journey of becoming the best.

U-Unity. Many actors are full of jealousy, they hate it if their colleagues are doing great and they are not. Many will not even spread the word when there are auditions happening so that very few are available, thereby heightening the chances of them being selected. This is very bad thinking, this evil is what has resulted to many not going far, if you believe that you are good, you need to subject yourself into a context where the best of the best and the titans are parading their skills. If it was written that you shall get the role, then it shall be done, availing yourself with your faith and skills for an audition, while being neat in character, preparation and discipline will be 90% of what you will need to land the role. Be unified in form, emotion, character, faith and responsibility as an artist, the fact that you are not your brother's keeper to be notifying him where auditions are means you don't really believe in your abilities hence you are not an actor, but a pretender to the throne.

T-Timeliness. Every performance that comes from you must be memorable; it must stick in your system and the systems of those who watch you on screen or theater. No matter how small the role might be, it must be given your all so that years after years, people continue to talk about how amazing you were as the girl who smiled when the governor was addressing the press in a so and so film. You can’t just say that there is acting for a major role and acting for a minor role if you are an actor worth the name, give every role your all that is what being an artist demands.

Y-Yields. When you heed to every fiber of the advice given above, the fruits of your labor are going to be obvious, both economically and physically. You will have a deep sense of belonging, you will be liked by people and the camera or stage will always be dying to have you. You will develop and sustain a marquee name which will attract very significant roles simply because you decided to be true both in performance and responsibility to what it means to be a true artist. You will only leap the full benefits of the trade if you show seriousness in how you implement all the sentiments expressed above in whole and in quickly and progressively.

If there is something you have not been doing according to what we have discussed here, it is time to turn over a new leaf and for good.

Compiled by producer and director, John Karanja. CHIEF EXECUTIVE, MAGIC GALAXY LTD.

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