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November 08 / 2013

Sometime back I wrote an article about my favorite actors in Kenya. So today I am looking at women living my life.Women who inspire me in the Industry, women who when I think of quitting and when the challenges become tough I think of and say "She did it so can I!"

Incase you missed the previous article of my favourite actors in kenya, you can read it by clicking here.

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10.Jacky Vike
She started out as a setbook actress with the Theatrix and most of you will recognize her with her role in Papa shirandula .She plays Wilbrodas househelp,Awinja.She is featured in Nairobi Half Life and also Simiyu Samuruai. She is one of the local talents to watch out for because she is heading towards greatness and she is one of the girls I do not mind sharing my path towards greatness with.

Jacky Vike

9.Catherine Kamau
Most of you will recognize her as Celina, Charlie’s wife in the Citizen tv drama mother-in-law. This Lady does not just inspire me as an actress but also as a poet and spoken word artist. I remember one day my mother came home from the bank and told me she saw Celina doing a poem; what she grasped was “nitapaa” which she still remembers up to date. She asked me why I can’t do something like that while I keep saying I am a poet.

 Catherine Kamau aka celina

8.Lizz Njagah
This lady inspires me considering that she is a product of the Kenya national theater. With an Audience all over Africa (Tinsel) she has managed to make a name for herself not just Locally but also internationally.I also remember reading about her endorsement deal from a hair extension company. Together with her hubby they run Historia Films Kenya, a production house behind the film The Return of Lazarus which she stars in. In almost every aspect this lady is living my life. So every time I am heading at the theater for rehearsals and lining up for auditions;I say Lizz Ngagah was here.

Lizz Njagah

7.Naomi Kamau
Since the days of Reflection fast foward to mother in law and shamba shape up; this lady is the iron lady when it comes to local productions. I always tell people that I am not in this industry to pass time or for lack of something better to do.It is my life, for better for worse and looking at Naomi Kamau, I say I am on the right path.

 Naomi Kamau

6.Alison Ngibuini.
She quit a paying job and left behind a career to join the Film industry. She is the lady behind Al is on production  She produced Siri, a program that I believe set the bar a notch higher for  local productions. Al is On production is the production house behind Mali. She took the risk, invested in an industry which a few believe in and I believe the results she has gotten so far are worth the risk she took.

 Alison Ngibuini.

5.Mkamzee Mwatela
I used to think dancing was for the figure 8s until I watched Mkamzee Mwatela dance on stage in a Numbing Kaigwa musical production. She has gracefully transformed from stage to screen with one of the most controversial role in TV. She plays Usha in NTV’s drama, Mali. Being a plus size woman and having been turned downed at auditions didn’t stop Mkamzee from becoming one of the best actress in Kenya.

mkamzee mwatela

4.Wanuri Kahiu
She is young and a talented Creator and director.When I think of her I see a bright future in the film Industry. She is the lady behind films like Pumzi, a sci-fi, and From a whisper,a film based on the 1998 bomb blast. I have had the privilege of working with her and being directed by her and I will simply say she is simply  amazing. When it come to creating and directing Wanuri Kahiu is one of those ladies living my life( Am turning a little green with envy). She has an African Movie Academy Awards for best director.

Wanuri Kahiu

3.Lupita Nyon’go
When it comes to acting, it’s every actor’s or actress’s ambition and dream to get to Hollywood and be recognized internationally. With her role in Steve Mcqueen’s 12 Years a Slave, this daughter of Anyang Nyong’o is  acquiring international stardom. Locally she stared in MTV’s Shuga as Ayiera .She is also the lady behind In My Genes a documentary film on the experience of living with albinism in Kenya.

Lupita Nyongo

2.Mumbi Kaigwa
In 1999 Mumbi Kaigwa quit a lucrative job with the UN to become a full time performing artist. Fast forward to 2012, Mumbi Kaigwa celebrated 40 years of being in the film and theater Industry. Over the forty years she has written, directed, sang, danced and acted several films and theatre productions with some landing her on  international stages. Over the years her love for stage still remains firm and strong making her an Icon in the theatre industry and on September 17 2013, she was handed a Lifetime Achievement Award from CEO magazine.

mumbi Kaigwa

1. Dorothy Ghettuba

She always had a passion in acting but could not pursue it as a career because then it was not financially sustainable. Later on she quite her job, moved back to Kenya and she has become one of the most successful film entrepreneurs in the country. She is the founder and CEO of Spielworks Media a leading Kenyan production house. She has produced several TV series like Lie That Bind, Higher learning ,Block D and a few more.

Dorothy Ghettuba


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