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A new 13-episode comedy drama series like no other is about to hit the Kenyan audiences with a bang in more ways than one.  Which is the 1st way you ask?  Well, it is going to be the first Kenyan drama TV series sponsored by a multinational phone company, NOKIA. .

Secondly, it is the 1st Kenyan drama TV series to be shot on a RED Mysterium X Scarlet digital camera rumored to be one of only 4 available in the whole country. This is where technical guys go “WOW!” For the not so tech-savvy people, let me put it this way for you; “it’s the mother of all cameras with very few above it that can claim to be fathers.”

Thirdly, the stellar cast that the show has to offer:  names like Mkamzee Mwatela, famously known for her role as Usha in the hit soap opera “Mali”;

 Mkamzee Mwatela
Mkamzee Mwatela as Nubia

Jason Corder, who is also the producer of the show, an actor, singer and composer.  Again, if you were an avid “Mali” fan, you will know Jason as Farouk;

 Jason Corder
Jason Corder as Shane

Gerald Langiri, the “In the Forest” host, Mr. Araka Smart of the popular show “Papa Shirandula” and coincidentally he was also on “Mali” as Don the company and family lawyer. 

 Gerald Langiri
Gerald Langiri as Nico

It is not a Mali affair though as Joed Ngaruiya of  “Changing Times”, "Makutano Junction" and "Unseen, Unsung and Unforgotten" is part of the cast.

 Joed Ngaruiya
Joed Ngaruiya as Kwame

Damaris Irungu  who is a Scriptwriter who’s worked on various TV shows like  Makutano junction, Mali, Mnet’s upcoming show, Emmy Nominated Radio drama Jongo Love is also part of the cast and also the head scriptwriter for the series STAY.

 Damaris Irungu
Damaris Irungu as Rubi

With newcomers like Carol Dunlop and Caroline Wambui ( who also doubled up as the Make-up and known as Wamz Doll) being 1st timers in the acting world, its definately a blend of talent immersed into one breathe-taking show.

 Caroline Wambui
Caroline Wambui

Last but not least, the story this series has to offer.  “Stay’s” official facebook page reads as follows :

STAY is a Kenyan TV series that touches on the cultural differences surrounding interracial dating. It revolves around the life of Nubia (played by Mkamzee Mwatela) who, against all odds, must make her relationship work with Shane(played by Jason Corder). But will it?

We have Nico (played by Gerald Langiri), who is Shane's loyal driver and confidant, at least up until Shane's mother (played by Carol Dunlop) arrives unexpectedly in Kenya to visit Shane. And she has come with her own marriage plans and the wife she wants for his son. To her surprise, Shane is already dating and is dating a black woman.

The schemes, plans and comical drama that unfolds next to try and break Nubia and Shane's relationship are nothing short of eyeball-glueing as you will be hooked to your TV.

It is definitely a different kind of show from what our TV stations are used to airing and luckily for the many of Kenyans who do not have cable TV, the show will 1st be aired on  KTN starting late November

Directed by Ash Jivu of Africa Rise Up TV and Claire Ash Meadow, STAY is one series I can’t wait to get hooked on.

Like the facebook page STAY- Kenyan TV series on facebook for behind the scenes pictures and more updates.

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