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  • Posted On: 2013-10-23 00:00:00

Lupita Nyongo won her first award on Monday night at the 17th Hollywood Film Awards.Nyong’o received the New Hollywood Award on monday night for her performance in 12 Years A Slave and while we are happy and jubilant about our Kenyan actress Lupita Nyongo and the strides she is making in Hollywood, here is a critic that claims that we shouldnt be all that happy and Lupita's success in hollywood will be short lived.

I have always said that its a thin line between "hating" and "criticizing" and I am not sure where to place what Dr. Fred Shamalla Masinde, MB; ChB, DDS, Philosophiae Doctor from Brooklyn, NY ( had to say about Lupita.

PS: This was harsh but do you think the Dr. had a point or was he just plain hating on our Lupita?

Here are his sentiments:

"Lupita does not have IT. At her age if she had IT she would be a Hollywood star by now. There are not many roles suiting her "here I come straight-out-of-the-jungle" ethnic looks-I guess that's why she is in a Slavery Movie. I wonder how many slavery movies are created by Hollywood per year.Lupita can continue hanging out with wazungu thinking they love her but the truth is that in big screen, she cannot play any other role but slave related..So I understand that Miss Malaika Lupita thinks she is the best thing on earth but the truth is the opposite. Hollywood is a different beast.She is not even the main character in that movie.Hollywood is the most cutthroat club in the world. It is extremely difficult to cut it in Hollywood if you started your career playing slave roles.

Will Smith became a Hollywood star by first building his own fan base (in hip hop and Fresh Prince of Bel'Air)--So Will always had millions of fans that would see his movies before he even tries to get more fans. Tupac would have been a Hollywood star because he also had his own loyal fan base. Of course both Tupac and Will are also great actors. Unfortunately for Lupita, her looks doesn't help. Hollywood likes Halle Berry looks. At least for women, being charcoal dark doesn't help. For men, dark is good. Eddie Murphy opened the doors for the darkest of black men to become super stars. Darkness is sexinesss if you are a dude; if you are a lady, Halle Berry is the standard.

If we must have a Nyong'o in Hollywood, Issis has IT. Believe me when I say this: I am doing this as a form of tough love..Some of us lived in our cars chasing our dreams before breaking into this American society...Lupita goes to Hollywood she is gonna start from the bottom..She ain't a star; You've got to be a realist..Tough love.Lets not celebrate Lupita prematurely. She is like an intern that just landed a gig with Google. You can't go around saying that the intern is a successful technology visionary. That's all I am saying.It is not the best thing to be great in slave movies because the "greater you are" the more likely you will only be typecast in those types of movies..Even Djimon Hounsou gets to play mostly African-related roles.. not many movies are about slaves, blood diamonds, Amin, etc. It is not easy for dark Africans to succeed in Hollywood. The roles they can play are limited to Africa. But, I wish Lupita and all them African actors great success." see original thread.

*Sigh* where will we be without critics and haters to prove wrong?

What do you think?

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