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I know from the title you might be asking yourself if I am sane or if it was a mistake by the author. An omission or maybe the writer was under the influence of something. Well first let me declare that I don’t use any intoxicants or illegal substances chemical or otherwise. I also want to say that the heading is well intended to be as it is and there is no omission therefore in the juxtaposition. I well intend to shed some light into my intensions so here goes.

It has been said time and again that prostitution is the oldest profession, I beg to differ. Before the harlots took into their profession actors were already making a penny. For the doubting Thomas’s hold the reign’s. Think not of this from the religious point of view, instead keep an open mind and take a few paces behind look at the social aspect of the two professions. While one of them is a gaping pit of destruction the other is a ladder. Where you want the ladder to take you, is solely your decision.

Let us first shed some light on the similarities of the two. In the twilight business the marketing medium involves swaying of hips, soft cajoling voices and tactics and antics that can leave someone with his mouth agape. To hit the nail in the head it is a very competitive indulgence to say the least. Similarly in the acting arena if you are weak and fragile it is time to pack up and leave. Aggression is key. In auditions for example you must be able to impress the casting director and you must meet his/her requirements in the same way. For men like me who have no hips to swing, well brethren make sure your facial expressions, voice projections and general drama can stop a socialite from attending major celebrities’ performance.

Whereas there are twilight girls who earn meager incomes a night, there are those who would buy a good Toyota car if not a German machine in one night’s salary (Escorts they are called). It’s no different in the acting field. Denzel Washington for example doesn’t have to make his way to an audition instead a writer will develop a script with him in mind (lucky him). You on the other hand if you are an upcoming actor you need to work hard for it. Go to every audition if you must, practice monologues if you may and above all make contacts too and quit complaining. Don’t just sit there do something. In prostitution the individuals make themselves look neat and tidy even if there is no pay, why then would an actor go to an audition dressed like an urchin and he or she is auditioning for an executive’s role? Think about it!

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By Ken Kibiru.

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