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Shine-On is a reloaded version of the Plug-In online show, which has been running for four weeks with a new episode uploaded on every Wednesday. The show so far has been a talk show, with young people talking about issues that people usually shy from; Drugs as ideal fun, the swag Lifestyle, Sugar mummies and daddies, they actually even talked about Sex for favors. The “call a spade a spade, not a big spoon” approach of the talk is most entertaining and at the same time eye opening, the youth mince no words to say it as it is.

Shine – On the other hand promises a new approach – hailed as a new addition to Plug-In: it promises to put our role models on the spot and get to know them, what they like, what they hate and their careers! It promises to be both Exciting! and Revealing! The show will feature such people as Bank Slave, Skeleton Man, Gerald Langiri and many more celebrities.

Every one of these episodes will be uploaded on the Plug-In facebook page: just like the previous ones, which even now elicit reactions from those who watch them!

A trailer of a new web show named; Shine-On , shows Gerald Langiri of the In the Forest” fame claiming he’s “Foodious”(if there is such a word in English), this would not be the first time that the actor confesses he is addicted to food.  Watch the 1st episode of Shine-on with Gerald Langiri below:

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