Gerald Langiri
October 13 / 2013

I have lots of people on my. Acting Career Quick Start mailing list who are, as they say, "sitting on the fence". They say they have the goal to become an actor, have an acting career, start working as an actor. They tell me that they are really determined, that they really want this, BUT, in most cases, it’s simply not true. They are saying one thing and their actions are saying something completely different.

The biggest thing that stands in peoples’ way from getting the results they want in their lives is that they:
1) don’t decide, they don’t make a decision to commit to the goal of wanting to become an actor, to really go for it with all their hearts and souls

2) they don’t take action. If you don’t do something, get started, take action, you will never get what you want! OR if you keep doing the same things over and over again that aren’t working (looking around the internet for auditions, trying to get someone to introduce you to a producer,casting director, agent, etc.), then you are taking action, but you are taking the WRONG action and doing that will not get you anywhere.

So why don’t some people take action, in this case, when it comes to their goal of wanting to become an actor? Here are some of the reasons: Which one is yours?

1. Procrastination, usually comes from not having a clear goal in mind

2. Fear of failure or fear of being branded a loser if they don’t make it while trying to become an actor in this case

3. Setting unrealistic expectations that are simply way too big to achieve all at once and as a consequence and rightly so, not believing that they can do it,

4. Fear of success! Yes it’s true. This type of fear is usually coming from the subconscious that sabotages one’s efforts. Something always seems to come up that stands in your way.

5. Fear of change. Some people don’t really want the change that will come along with achieving what they think they really want. So they just don’t do anything. If you want to become an actor, you might have to move to another city for example. Some people deep down inside, really don’t want that.

6. Fear of others judging them on the decision they made

7. Lack of support from family and friends

8. Having an unrealistic expectation that everything they need to learn to help them to get what they want, whether it be in the form of knowledge, coaching, mentoring, books, videos, time or whatever should not cost any money at all. It should all be free. As a consequence, because of this stubborn and unrealistic approach, they remain motionless and do nothing to move themselves forward with regard to wanting to become an actor.

9. Keep telling themselves that they can do it all alone. That wouldn’t be so bad if they actually did something. The problem is that they often don’t know how to get started in the right direction to achieve their goals and don’t know who to ask for help. Result? They do nothing.

10. Lack of assertion or just pure laziness. Need I say more?

11. Frozen from analysis. These people study too much before making a decision. They do too much research, evaluate too many alternatives, ask too many questions, look up too many people. They do so much research and shopping around for the right person to help them with the right approach, at the right time, etc., etc., etc., that they get lost and can’t make a decision. And remember, before you take action, you must first decide what action to take and why.

12. Being too much of a perfectionist. This is related to point number 12. Perfection doesn’t exist, so don’t look for it. It will slow you down. Acting teaches us that. There’s no such thing as the perfect scene. Acting is so beautiful in part due to its imperfections. When you start, you will inevitably make mistakes, meet the wrong people, make a fool of yourself, get taken, mess up, make a bad investment, stumble and maybe even fall. All those things will help make you stronger, better and smarter. Stop looking for something that doesn’t exist! Don’t wait until you’

13. Lack of trust in anyone but themselves to help them become an actor. They don’t trust anyone to do things for them, so…they try and do everything alone. It’s too much to take on along with everything else they already have going on in their lives and so…they do nothing. There’s no time. It’s difficult to get great results in life by doing things all alone.

14. Don’t feel they deserve success. Some people just simply don’t see themselves big enough. Deep down in their subconscious, some little voice is telling them, “you could never do that” or “that kind of thing is reserved for other people. Not for you!” or “You’re not smart enough or talented enough to be able to do that!” or “That’s really way out of your league!” You have to learn how to beat down that voice and replace that inner talk that is damaging to your goals with a different kind of talk, that’s more positive. If you want to be successful you first have to really believe that you deserve it. That in itself will provide you with a lot of drive and determination to move you in the right direction and help you to take action.

15. Not enough money and no idea of how to get it for all the things they need to do to start their acting careers and become an actor. Sometimes, often times people concentrate so much on the fact that they don’t have the money they need, that they completely don’t think about all the things that they could do to get that money and sometimes that’s because they don’t even think it’s possible to be able to start creating something that will bring in some extra money. Another thing they don’t think about is about all the things they could be doing in the meantime to start moving in the direction of their dreams that don’t require a lot if any money.

16. Getting caught up in the negativity. If you are surrounded by people who are negative, always bringing you down, who don’t encourage you, who are always telling you that you can’t do something, that they don’t want you to do it, bla, bla, bla, then you must ask yourself is that the kind of environment that will help you to achieve your goals. Now, if you are still young and living at home, then you might not have much choice but to stick it out. But if you are old enough to make your own decisions and all the people, your friends are people like the ones I have described, then you better start looking for some new friends IF and only IF you really want to start an acting career.

Remember that not making a decision to take action to achieve your goal of wanting to become an actor is a decision in itself. You decide not to decide. That’s a decision. So what I’m saying here is that you can’t get away from making a decision. If you are sitting on the fence, not taking action because of one of those 16 reasons on the list above, the question I have for you now is:

What are you going to do? These reasons that I just listed are applicable in all areas of your life. But since we are often talking about starting an acting career, it’s important that, if you haven’t been getting anywhere in your acting career, that you start to ask yourself if the reason could be one of the things I mentioned above.
Think about it.

 By Tony, Fellow Actor, Creator of the first-ever Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course for new actors

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