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A lot of actors start with enthusiasm but the daily stress of self- submissions, auditioning, not getting jobs, no-responses  from agents, not being able to GET IN THE DOOR to audition for the major series and films as well as the lack of marketing skills get them down. Don't let that happen. Don't be discouraged. If your career is not working you NEED to get the right, tweak, fix,polish or change what you're doing. Then re-LAUNCH your career with positive energy. To do that you need a boost-ROCKET FUEL! Your career will finally get off the Launchpad and SOAR!

The problem is not the Industry but what you are or are NOT doing to get a response from them!

So these are the 6 steps...   
1. CONSTRUCT your Vehicle. Define your Type and BRAND and put that into excellent Marketing Tools. Find a project that shows  your unique quality (your BRAND).

A Missile- a space Capsule is really solid to withstand extraordinary conditions in outer space- the pull of gravity, extreme heat and cold, even unknown space debris that might smash into it. Your "CAPSULE" NEEDS to be really well designed and constructed.  You can't take off against the pull of gravity unless you have a solid "vehicle.

For an actor, that means- An excellent Marketing package -a defined presentation of your BRAND, as clearly displayed in all of your marketing tools- HEAD SHOT, RESUME, SIZZLE,SHOWREEL and WEBSITE. Your "vehicle" can be a short film, webisodes, a play, a musical cabaret so you can invite the industry to see you. Pay attention to every detail and make every product and tool the very best- you'll stay in orbit longer.

2.  DEVELOP the inside of the Rocket - the "inner workings". Invest in YOU! Develop your product with enormous amounts  of TRAINING, COACHING and Polishing your Presentation.

How do astronauts survive for weeks in a small capsule in outer space? They have a SYSTEM- for eating, sleeping, weightless movement- survival WHILE achieving their MISSION. So you need to have a system- to take care of your health, body, voice, appearance while paying for survival expenses AND career development expenses-  not just rent and food but classes and marketing tools. I'm amazed when actors don't have the money for a class, a new head shot,for a showreel or a taxi to get to a major audition in time, attend events to network,a new outfit or a coach's fee to get advice that will MAKE your career happen. Recently a guy actually emailed me,"You mean I have to PAY you to get CAREER advice?"

Please get over the poverty actor syndrome- "I don't have any money for that"..and "that" is the one thing that will make your career happen- a class, an industry connection, coaching, the right information.The jobs and income will come if you INVEST in YOU. Find a way to have the money if you really want a career. Otherwise you're stuck on the launchpad.  

3. ENERGY- The Propulsion for lift off.

As an actor you need to tap into your PASSION, maintain excitement and be driven to achieve your goal. If you're always working on a specific role whether it's a showcase, something you're writing or even a scene you're doing in
a class you're actually creating what is called, "THE ACTOR'S ENERGY"...

It's a higher energy than civilians  (non-creative people, the  9-5-ers in the business world). You bounce into a room, you exude joy, you express yourself in a stronger voice and attract everyone with a compelling aura. You SHINE. That's the energy that BOOKS jobs constantly. It's "Star Power" .    

4. A GUIDANCE SYSTEM - Who will guide you?  

You have to get past gravity, the pull of inertia and know your way around the comets, black holes and all the space debris that will hit you or destroy you. Missiles and rockets have a built-in guidance system.      
Who ever heard of launching a missile and not knowing where it was going?

Yet actors do this all the time. "Oh...I just want to audition and book a few jobs or do a few showcases... I just want to act.."  Without direction and guidance you're LOST in space. Did you know that every single Astronaut had a MENTOR? Yeah, the guy who sat in his spot in the capsule the mission before- they had all been there - on the previous APOLLO MISSION and done that. So find a Mentor who's been there and done that- someone who can show you HOW.

5. DESTINATION-The Mission- Where Are You Going?   

The Moon, Mars... Hollywood? You need to choose your MEDIA and PLAN your MARKETING CAMPAIGN. Yes, you do need to understand marketing. If you were brilliant in that "scene" you did in class or  that comedy sketch you did in a comedy troupe but nobody saw you, you're stalled. Those really bright rocket scientists take years to research, calculate and plan WHERE and HOW they want their rocket to go and then they LAUNCH it. It's not random. So, you need to research your markets, KNOW what kind Series and Films you want to do, what ROLES you want to play and are right for- and then  prepare for TAKE OFF. Aim for a Specific Destination.

6. COMMUNICATIONS- Announcing your successful LANDING-  

Promoting yourself and following up with the INDUSTRY. Once you have all your LAUNCH tools together you need to let the TOP Industry Pro's know what you have to offer and that you have indeed LANDED- in NY, LA or whatever market and media you targeted. Now is the time to implement your Marketing Campaign- through emails, social media and paper mail...letting them CLICK on your sizzle scene on youtube/Vimeo or your Website, coming to see you LIVE in a play or attending a premier of your film. Then comes even MORE follow-ups...You've now LAUNCHED and LANDED!

By Gwyn Gillis


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