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I met a guy two weeks ago and when I told him that I am an actress he asked me what my future plan was especiallywhen it comes to getting a husband and raising a family.. how would I handle it? He was not the first one to ask me this. Lots of guys ask me this question sighting that acting is not a "usual" career. Take the case of Jeff

” Hebu angalia hizi manigerian movies.The way those people act is so real, hadi unawaamini. Wanapendana, wanakissiana, imagine ukiwa girlfriend au chali wa mtu kama huyo “

Well, I understood him and all those other guys who have issues with me being an actress. Sometime back,I watched a play by Festival of Creative Arts titled The Birthday Suite. Actors Mwikali Mary and Mwaura had a scene where they were kissing and getting kinky on stage. As one of the audience members, I closed my eyes. As an actress I was like damn these guys just kissed on stage and they are damn good at what they do.

My work and aim as an actress is to bring the character I am playing to life. When I am on stage or in front of a camera and the director shouts action, I am no longer Linda, I am the prostitute, the mad girl,the poor girl and its my duty to bring her to life.

Most people have the perception that actors and actress live their normal lives as on screen or on stage, something which I beg to differ and the fact  that the acting industry in Kenya doesn’t pay bills well doesn’t help at all. So as a girl in the industry I am forced to find extra work and deal with men who think that I am not the kind of girl to date or I am a good sport to bed.

Omotola  Jalade, the Nollywood actress, popularly known as Omosexy  was recently honored in the 2013 Time 100 Most Influential People In The World List alongside Michelle Obama, Beyonce and Kate Middleton. She is one of the most watched African actresses across the continent and even abroad. When I think of my acting career this lady inspires me the most and when I think of my personal life she does too. She got in the acting industry at a very young age and she managed to raise a career and a family. Married for 16years with 4 kids, this lady has taught me that I am not in a cursed industry where men will just walk away because of what I do, shuttering my hopes of raising a family.

The day my father gave me his blessing to pursue what I wanted in my life still remains to be one of my happiest and most memorable days in my life. I knew the challenges that I would face and I jumped right in, so forgive me if I will not quit because of a man. I will patiently wait for the one who will understand me and what I do, who will dress up to attend awards with me and cheer for me as I walk to receive my awards, one who will be patient enough to differentiate the roles I play from me. Officially that is my dream guy.

I am not in this industry for lack of something better but because it is where my heart is. So yes I will kiss a guy on set or stage, undress in front of the crew, get kinky if the script says so.

Linda Kinyita

Yours truly,

Linda Kinyita.

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