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As much as I always say that local TV stations do not do much to promote the local film industries,there are a few people who are lucky to have found a niche in the local stations and I really admire them for their works and looks. So today I am doing a top ten countdown of my favorite male personalities and roles I would picture myself playing with them if we were to costar in a production.

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10. Peter Daniels
I haven’t had a chance to see any of his other works other than in Mali but isn’t he just adorable? If I was a few years younger I would most likely have a crush on him. If we were to costar in a film he would be my younger brother who I would sacrifice my all to give him a good life.

Daniel Peter

9. Raymond Ofula
When I see Raymond Ofula I always say this is what aging with grace is all about, and when it comes to talent and sex appeal he’s got it all. He is the Kenyan George Clooney and I can’t figure out anyone else competing with him. If we were to costar in a film he would be sexy super rich sugar daddy.


8.Ken Ambani
I have watched Ambani grow in this industry over the years since the days of Tausi ( I had a child crush on Baraza the character he played in Tausi) to who he is today.If we were to costar in a production he would be the smoking hot married guy I would be having a steamy affair with.

Kenneth Ambani

7.Peterson Gathambo
Most people know Gathambo as Charlo the Meru guy in Machachari. He carries an aura that makes him noticeable when he walks into a room. And he can work up a Kenny Rogers tune! If we were to costar in a film he would be my hubby through thick and thin together till the end.

Petherson Gathambo

6.Kariuki Thige
When Kariuki Thige was a sports anchor at KBC I could not sleep without watching news till the end and just in case I feel asleep my mother would wake me up at the sports section.(Linda ûkira wone kamwanake gaku.) Yes my my crush for him was that bad even my mother knew about it! And when he moved to acting I still remain to be his number one fun. If we were to be casted in a film together he would be the good cop and I would be the damsel  in distress he gets to save and fall in love with.

Kariuki Thige

5 .Wilfred Maina
This guy is the perfect description of a handsome African man. TDH that is tall dark and handsome and his performance in NHL says a lot about his talent.Me and him on set,mmmh, he would be the most wanted bank robber and I would be his hot, sexy partner in crime and love.

Maina Wilfred

4.Nick denda
Nick has a voice that I could listen to over and over again. He is the reason why I listen to Xfm other than my love for rock music. He gave a performance at the bimonthly actors monologue challenge that left my tiny tiny body hair erect(mmmh his voice) . Us together in a movie? He would be my bad boy boyfriend whose charm I cannot resist no matter how bad he gets.

Nick Ndeda

3. Mike Rewa
Most of you will remember Mike Rewa as Paul in the citizen’s drama Waridi and he is just adorable .Casted on a film together we would be childhood friends in love with each other but afraid of ruining our friendship and you probably know how it all ends. (no picture found)

2. Nick Mutuma.
If I was given a chance to sculpt or mold a human sized statute which magically would turn into my dream boyfriend, I would definitely mold one in his image. And since that can only happen in fairly tale and movies that is exactly who he would be if we were to star in a film together, A young handsome man cast under a spell only true love would break and I would be that girl holding the key to his freedom and true love.

Nick Mutuma

1.Lenana Kariba
He takes the crown home and there is no other word to describe him other than hot.Did I say smoking hot.He can get it all!(On set I mean). If we were to co star in a movie he would be the smoking hot stranger I meet whose sex appeal I can’t ignore and the sexual chemistry between us just electrifying and we end up having a hot sexy smoking hot affair. 

Lenana Kariba

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