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Sharon Mwikali Mutuku or famously known as Sofia from the hit Citizen TV kids show Machachari, has more than meets the eye. Born and raised in Shaurimoyo and a product of TumuTumu High school where she got an average grade of B in her KCSE and like most of  those who had the opportunity to attend high school, Sharon too hated those communal where she had to cut grass every weekend.

Currently, she is still in campus at Nazarene University where she is pursuing a marketing degree. I managed to get a one on one with this talented actress who has kept us entertained on our television for more than half a decade and she gives us an insight into her life and career..


What is your earliest childhood memory? mmhh, I have so many of those  but I will have to say my dad’s love for reggae artist Don Carlos. I sang to his songs all the time my dad put on those records/cassettes.

When did you start acting? I started commercial acting back in 2008 right after high school although I have always had a passion in arts and acting which I was heavily involved in during my primary and high school years. After high school, I went for a Machachari audition and that is how my professional acting career started.

Describe your character on Machachari and the similarities it has with the real you? Just like Sofia, I’m shy, love kids so much, I’m understanding, I have ambitions, dreams, I’m respectful and kind.

What are your future acting plans or are you sticking to Machachari alone? Nope I hope also do film see how it feels to play different roles and be a successful business lady.

How is it working on Machachari? It has been the greatest experience of my life

With the kids especially? I love the kids. They are kids who will always challenge you. Gifted for sure and very bright.

Are they as naughty in real life as they appear on TV? Nope. They are very focused kids especially when on set.

 Which kenyan actor/actress do you admire and why? I admire actor Raymond Ofula. He is an actor I’ve watched since I was as young as 10years and he has been my role model. He is among the few Kenyan actors who have had roles in international films. I really hope to work with him one day.

How would you describe Kenya's acting industry? Really good but I think we still have a long way to go. There is a lot of untapped talent out there and the industry needs to grow bigger so as to accommodate all that talent.....but I’m happy the Government now is really working on that. Very soon Kenya will be the home of film in Africa.

What’s the best thing about working in TV? The mileage, the fame, the passion, good market, you get appreciation, I’ll say it all comes with advantages.

And the worst? no private life.

Do you solely survive from acting or do you have a side hustle? I have ma side hustles. I  do forums with teenagers, been to a couple of schools countrywide, where I share talks and advise them, I also do businesses and soon I have a big thing coming.

How do you cope with the attention you get especially from the male species? it’s not hard to cope with ,I’m not complaining, I don’t mind the attention in fact I love it.


Is there someone special in your life? Yes I’m dating someone special and we will be settling down soon ..God willing if everything works out.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Nothing I love.. Love me.

Advice for young upcoming actors? Never lose hope. It is a God given talent that you will never lose. Keep striving and believe in yourself and you’ll make it. It’s not an easy industry and profession though as USANII needs all the hard work and patience"

Parting shot? Always believe in yourself and always be you.

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Interviewed by Gerald Langiri

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