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With all fairness to the actor, people should really know how to differentiate between characters actors play and who they are in real life. There have been reports of actors who have insulted their fans after they have been called by their stage/screen names. It’s a good thing if you played the hero or a character you actually don’t mind being associated with. It is however not so rosy if you played Cedric, the gay guy in Nairobi Half Life, but you are not actually gay in real life and people can’t seem to call you by any other name.  On the flipside, doesn’t it mean you did a really good job as an actor if people still remember you by your characters name?

That is exactly what happened when Mugambi Nthiga was a guest in the unconventional yet funny talk show  In the Forest hosted by Gerald Langiri.  Those who vividly remember Nairobi Half life will remember Mugambi who played the gay character Cedric.

Being gay is still a stigma in Africa despite it being legalized in some American countries.  This stigma can clearly be seen as Mugambi, after being called gay severally by the host Gerald, could not take it no more and poured coffee on the host and came back with more slaps during another interview where Gerald was hosting the lovely Beatrice Ndung’u.

Watch both of those episodes below as the drama unfolds in episode 10 and 11 of In the forest with Mugambi Nthiga and Beatrice Ndung’u respectively.

In the forest with Beatrice Ndung’u episode 11

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