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Hot throb and one of the cutest actors in Kenya (according to him and all the ladies who scream his name) was not spared and was a guest in the controversial yet funny talk show In the Forest hosted by Gerald Langiri. Lenana Kariba was taken through an array of awkward moments, OMG questions and his type of women.

Unlike most men who think thin is sexy, Lenana, who not known to many, is also the brother of music and radio personality Bamzigi (African superman), likes his women "filled up". He went ahead to cite examples of these "filled up" women and he did not flinch to mention radio presenters and TV personalities Kaleklye Mumo and Sheila Mwanyiga.

KENYAN Kalekye Mumo and Sheila Mwanyigha

He also went ahead to address the rumor about his affair with a fellow cast member of the soap opera lies that bind in which he is also part of the cast. Lenana is also part of cast of the much anticipated movie House of Lungula slated for release on 21 Nov 2013.

Find out much more in episode 8 of in the forest with Lenana Kariba below:


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