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I dont know about the rest of you but I was getting tired of reading about House of Lungula this and House of Lungula that. I was going crazy with all the hype and buzz the movie had created and with the premier months being postponed, I was giving up. The producers did however explain why the movie is taking long to be released and this was due to some technical hitches in post-production. ALAS ALAS ALAS, I can now let my head rest easy , take my pen out and mark my calender. 21st NOVEMBER 2013 is the date people will be looking forward to.

In a press release from Historia Films,they annouced "HOUSE OF LUNGULA" is premiering on the 21/11/2013 in Nairobi (details To be Announced)! It's a Kenyan Sex Comedy (18+) touching on the sexual habits of Kenyans. Based on many true stories...

Harrison, overworked and underpaid is looking for money for bride price. A 'business' opportunity presents itself when he gets the keys to the Company house. With the CEO away on holiday, he has access to a vacant fully furnished house. He decides to cash in... Easy money doesn't always come cheap.

Starring: Lizz Njagah, Ian Mbugua, Gerald Langiri, Sarah Hassan, Lenana Kariba, Nice Githinji, Sheila Kwamboka, Gitau Ngogoyo, Helena Waithera, Lydia Gitachu, Diana Nekoye, Auma Njagah, Natassa Papadaki and guest appearances by Chura & Alex Konstantaras.

Filmed by the award winning D.O.P. John Wambugu. Directed by the award winning director Alexandros Konstantaras.Executive producer Lizz Njagah - Historia Films.

The official trailer is now on Eziki.TV ; Historia's new Internet channel. The group believes that the future is digital and after creating a successful Youtube channel which got more than 110.000 views the last few months, they've decided to take the next step and create an official Internet channel with the support of Eziki.TV .

And the best way to launch this new channel is with a brand new trailer from the upcoming sexy comedy “House of Lungula” which includes never before seen footage from the film! Here you can watch the new trailer on FULL H.D on your PC.

For Mobile users or slow internet users, you can watch the video as usual on YouTube. So, here it is;

house of lungula 2013

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