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When we say TV is changing it is really changing, a new show that will redefine online shows will be launched this mid week (28TH August 2013). The Plug-In show is a talk show combining reality TV and a one stop shop segment for the creative and performing arts world. Simply put, it’s a Generation Y Show.

The reality segment promises to be the most interesting and dynamic segment of the show. the segment is a discussion segment where young people are invited to various fun activities such as picnics, hikes e.t.c where they mingle as they discuss hot issues. The segment even adapts a more provocative name-2mingle- where anything goes, unlike traditional talkshows, this is raw and unscripted, no holding back and the best thing is everyone gets to be natural in an environment of fun. The show is set up in an open ground to give it a feel of people going for a picnic to talk about this and that.

The plugin show

 Of course this show will not be complete without the magic moment where we all go alas! The world of talent and creativity is well represented in the Shine On segment. This segment promises to showcase serious talent by young people out there. Mention any talent and be sure Plug- In show Lenses will zoom in and the spotlight will shine on that person and the talent. Be it the Music world, the sports world, performing arts and any serious achievements by a generation Y personality.

The show is made more interesting by the hosts who are TWINS. You probably have seen their faces in the Churchill Show twins episode, the two twins Davis & Dennis promise a mind boggling show where telling who is who will definitely be a task.

Plug-in show

Mediabase Productions creators of the Plug-In show have quite a lot to explore in the world of Generation Y from Issues affecting them to showcasing their talents. The Youth cannot complain anymore that they don’t have a show representing them and lack a voice to be heard because the Plug-In show has just arrived.

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