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Robba is the story about a man whose life has hit rock bottom. After losing his job, he is forced to do whatever is necessary to fend for his loving wife and unborn child. The lack of finding a job drives him into the world of crime. ROBBA is forced to live a double life one which he tries his best to keep a secret. Crime like drugs however is as addictive and the more one indulges in it the easier it becomes to play the part.

Robba is played by Isaya Evans, a young actor who has his sight for the international audience and for this he has set high standards for himself. He prides himself with his professionalism and the research which he often says his fellow actors don’t take their time to do on their roles. He has graced several TVCS (tv commercials)  featured on TV shows such as lies that bind as Patrick the sleazy guy, on Mwangaza as kipevu, Mheshimwa as Monica’s campaign sponsor. He is also a model and won Mr. Egerton university in 2008-2009 academic year.

“I am a talented passionate and professional Kenyan actor, my acting technique is Meissner. Since then I have never turned back. I believe in quality work and the sky should never be the limit.” He says.

Isaya Evans

Keziah Macharia is a young female actress who prides herself as being able to bring out different characters. She plays the victim in episode one.

Keziah Macharia

The film was produced by Terry Boke and Eric Njiiru.

Terry Boke is an executive producer working at an audio visual company here in Nairobi. Terry holds a diploma in mass communication. She has embarked on a journey to collaborate with other TV and film stakeholders so as to fulfill her dream of leaving a legacy of being one of the women who brought a revolution in the film industry.

Eric Njiiru, also executive producer is a dynamic creative film producer, actor and a graphic designer. He yearns to work to work with the best in the industry so to grow and enhance his skills and knowledge. He is a lover of sports he enjoys volleyball, basketball and swimming. Apart from that you will find him socializing or doing random photography. 

The film was directed by Firul Maithya, a young budding director with vast experience for his age. His journey in the TV film industry began by being  attached at the Kenya Grip and Sparks Lighting.. He is a writer and head of Sales and Marketing with FilmBiz Africa Magazine. He also was part of Makutano Junction where he started as a set runner before becoming a 3rd AD (assistant director). He later was a PA (production assistant) at Uongozi a NTV reality show. He believes the greatest undoing with the young in the industry is that we ask for opportunities but we don’t do enough research about the responsibilities attached to the opportunities. Production is discipline and if one is not self-disciplined he is doomed to fail.

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