Gerald Langiri
August 14 / 2013

Lately, I don’t look forward to watching new Hollywood movies or even series like I used to a while back. Reason; I’m tired of seeing the likes of Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Nicole Kidman and not to mention Angelina Jolie in every movie I watch. I mean, can’t they get new faces for me to feast my eyes on? Isn’t it boring to watch Angelina Jolie’s lips year in year out? (Not saying that they are ugly but they are kind of boring). You are probably asking yourself, “Is this writer sick, nuts or something?”  Relax; I’m neither sick nor nuts. (Maybe I’m something). Just to make myself clear, I am very Okay. In fact, I want more of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie’s lips and all these other famous Hollywood actors and actresses. Confused? I know you are, but at least I have your attention.

I’ve been hearing Kenyans complain of how biased the Kenyan Film industry is; Why do they get the same actors for every upcoming role in series or movies? Oh, we are tired of seeing old faces on our screens. Oh, we need to grow new talent. Oh this, Oh that!

So, my big question pops out; why have I never heard anyone complain of old Hollywood actors or actresses who ought to be replaced by new faces? As a matter of fact, most people will buy or go watch a movie only if their favorite Hollywood actors are featured in the movie. Ask even “Afro cinema Continues Shortly” Lovers. They will tell you something like this, “Aaahh, me na can’t watch e movie in which my Ramsey Noah or Van Vicker is not featured. It would be abomination oh!”

This leaves me wondering, “Is there something wrong with our Kenyan actors and actresses? You know, maybe something wrong with their looks that ‘we’ viewers don’t like? Something like having ‘roto tank’ bodies instead of 6 pack abs for actors and ladies using the same wigs for a 100 movies. Or is it that we just love whining about anything and everything?

My conclusion is one; we just love whining. Period! Admit or refute this. It’s the rude truth!

And before you open your mouth again to whine, there are several things you need to know about actors and actresses.

Acting is a career just like banking, teaching or even engineering. I have seen actors leave their prestigious jobs to become full time actors. Do you suppose they are crazy or jokers to leave a well paying permanent job and venture into a field where they are not even sure of getting a role? The one who do and make it do so because they understand that acting is a career that needs sacrifice,dedication, commitment and concentration just like any other.

Picture this, an actor takes a leap of faith and leaves his job, lands an acting role, features in one movie and then people like you start whining that he is an old face and should get off your screen.Unless he or she is a pathetic actor, where do you really expect them to go? How do you want them to pay their bills and rent yet its their job! How do you think they feel?

Let’s picture this from your own point of view. You complete college and after a lot of hustling, you finally land a nursing job. A day after reporting to work and serving patients diligently, you are handed a sacking letter. What’s the explanation? The patients complained that they are tired of seeing your face and they need new faces. You would feel betrayed by the very same people you sacrificed your time and loyalty for.  That’s exactly the same way an actor or an actress feels when you say that they should get their old faces off your screen.

Another thing you need to know is that acting is a journey. Just as you don’t complete campus and wake up the next day as the CEO of Safaricom, same goes for acting. You don’t wake up one day and become a household name like Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula) or Mkamzee Mwatela (Usha Mali). Unless yours is a special case; like Otongolo boy’s case (exception and not the rule). Otherwise, you have to start small to get big or old like you love referring to the already established actors. Those ‘old faces’ started young. That’s why they are now old and marketable and every producer wants a piece of them on their shows.

But if you want to make it to the top fast, do something extraordinary like Otongolo boy, impress the President and become adopted. This way, production houses will be fighting for your attention. But till that happens, let’s stop whining unnecessarily; appreciate our actors and actresses; whether good looking or not until we get there someday. By the way, I’m also an aspiring actor like you if you thought otherwise and it is sad to know that after being in 3 tv shows or one movie that hits, I’ll become an old face. NKT. Nigeria actors have 100s of movies in their names and they are still appreciated and are making more. Kenya on the other hand..i rest my case. Aspiring actors, learn your craft. Know what the people who are up there are doing right so that you can get there to. STOP THE WHINNING, it won’t get you anywhere.



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