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60 year old David Nga’nga’ , Peterson Gathambo, James Okete,Mary Otieno, Peace Ochola, Diophine Nyamweya, Mark Mutinda, Webo James Mwende, Emmanuel Simba, Peter Murei Jackson Ingosi Aka “Spring”, Priscilla Wambui  and Helen Owino  all have one thing in common, THEY ARE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL- Gumbaru Skool.

K24 Gumbaru Skool

Gumbaru Skool is a new TV Comedy Series that will premiere on K24 from Wednesday 7th August 2013 at 7.30pm and every subsequent Wednesday thereafter. Created by theatre great Peter Mudamba, it is a family comedy series that is set to rock Kenyan homes and promises to leave everyone tickled to the hilt, awestruck by the antics of these adult students who you can only describe as beyond crazy.

 The title dubbed from the Swahili word Gumbaru to mean, school for the old, the only perspective that can assist the audience to adequately prepare themselves for what is about to hit them is that the shoots of these crazy comedy series have been full of drama, cheer and riotous laughter.

K24 Gumbaru Skool

“The crew has at times had to put their tools down to have their laugh first before they continue with the shoot. It’s been all so great that we can tell you for sure that it’s loads of fun being on Gumbaru Shoots. “ Says Mudamba.

Picture this for a moment; you enter into a classroom to encounter a bunch of adult students of different age brackets ranging from 19years unto 70years. They carry with them not just a thirst for some education but baggage from their homes, past and present. Part of the baggage literally includes Khat (miraa), some unexpected roots called “mugombero” and as you sit ready for class work on comes a student with a goat on his shoulders insisting to be allowed to sit in the class with the animal.

Catch more of this drama every Wednesday, starting the 7th August 2013 at 7.30pm on K24.

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K24 Gumbaru Skool

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