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25 year old Q’damah Walter Lagat is a stage and screen actor who 1st got his big break in the film Post Election Violence film "Something Necessary" that was released early 2013. This is the third film from One Fine Day Film after successful hits Soul Boy and Nairobi Half Life.

Sam Kiranga had a chance to get an interview with this, rather too quiet for an actor, personality Lagat, as we bring you this one on one as he tells us about his acting career and experience being on Something Necessary.

How did your acting journey begin?

After I differed and later dropped an Engineering course at University of Nairobi. That was when I realized I was on stage and later on set with a camera held so close to my face.

Is it a career or a hobby?

Definitely it is a Career. I rarely dwell on hobbies.

Why acting?

Because it is where you can be anything, a pilot, a doctor, an engineer, a chef…


Who in the world of film making would you be nervous to meet?

Actually, I would be privileged but not nervous. James Cameron, Daniel Craig.

First acting job? Describe the feedback from friends and family from seeing you act for the first time?

That was in SIRI, a local T.V drama. They were so excited but were cut short coz I appeared only once.

How have you come to be involved with One Fine Day films?

I first learnt about One Fine Day films during production of Something Necessary film. My experience with them was excellent; I haven’t attended any of their workshops though.

How would you describe your experience in Something Necessary?

The experience was spectacular! I did learn quite a lot of stuff right from pre-production through production and a few things in post-production. The crew was awesome and my fellow cast was great, I mean, we blended so perfectly.

How would you describe your process of mastering a role?

Just putting aside my own self and letting the character sink in me. First I learn and understand the character before getting the lines. It is a simple technique and anyone can adapt it.

What about your future plans?

I have a wider future, and most of my plans lie within my career. I am thus investing in my career as an actor.

Any words to upcoming actors in the industry at large?

You are either an actor or not, no upcoming actor. Acting is a career and you have to be committed, determined and patient, practice not being an exception. If you are doing it as a hobby or part-time job then you should reconsider your stand.

What’s your current and future outlook for the film industry?

Currently the film industry in Kenya is growing so fast. I am glad the players are focusing on quality products unlike some of the countries in the continent. The audience is however empowered more than ever before and people are hungry for content. This means, in the near future the industry might face a great challenge as far as content provision is concerned. We have a lot of untold Kenyan stories; it is just up to the content creators.


By Sam Kiranga

Source: FilmKenya

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