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My heart always leaps with joy whenever I get a call from a number that I have to scratch my head once or twice to figure out which country the caller Id is from, especially if it’s a number that doesn’t have the +254 prefix which I am used to.

“Hallo, this is Ashley Toto calling you from Germany” the sweet voice on the other end of the line said. “I love your website and was wondering if you can help me out with a story that I need clarified” she continued.

While I would like to give you word for word of the conversation that ensued, let’s focus on the bottom line. Ashley Toto is a Kenyan born actress, events organizer and promoter currently residing in Germany, Frankfurt to be exact. Little is known about her in the Kenyan film industry as she has established herself in German more but her Swahili is stellar and she has made waves in the Swahili movie industry. It is with that fact that most blogs confuse her for being Tanzanian and not Kenyan. Her call to me was basically to clear the air about her ethnicity and country of origin. She has no problem with Tanzania but this beautiful actress says she is produly carrying the Kenyan flag in Europe and not the Tanzanian one as she has been mistaken for.

In an accompanying email that she sent to our news desk, she said “I am Kenyan but Mimi naishi Germany, So shida yangu ni kuwa nimejiunga na kundi la acting hapa Europe na nimefanikiwa kutoa filamu inaitwa "Moyo Wangu". Watu Wengi wameipenda even magazeti ya Tanzania wanashinda wakini post. Sio vibaya but watu wengi sasa wanadhania me am Tanzania chick.”

Ashley Toto shooting Moyo Wangu

The said movie  “Moyo Wangu” was released in May 2013 and is freely available to be watched on youtube. Its actually a 23minute short film and you can watch it below:

Ashley is also set to make more movies in Europe all in which will be in the Swahili language and all this she is doing in the hope of showcasing Kenyan talent in Europe. VAD productions are also set to work with TZ actress Lucy Komba and Ashley Toto in a movie to be titled “From Tanzania to Denmark” coming soon.

Check out the interview below with Ashley Toto with VAD productions:

Like with any public figure making her mark, controversy always seems to follow. Just last month (june 2013) Ashley felt the wrath of Kenyans when she publicly insulted and abused and denigrating the king of bling Prezzo. She made some strong accusations when she took to facebook to post a rather nasty statement saying that Prezzo is broke and he depends on money from women to sustain his image. Read that story here.

Other than that, Ashley seems set to take her passion to greater heights and she is not stopping anytime soon. "I love kenya and I hope to return home soon to do projects there. I read of amazing stuff coming from the industry there and it is my hope to be part of it"

Bold and daring, check out Ashley Toto's portfolio below. #Badderthanmost.

Ashley Toto

Ashley Toto

Ashley Toto

Get to follow what more Ashley has in store by liking her facebook page here.

By Gerald Langiri.

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