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Many of you may remember her or rather her character on the hit series Changing Times where she played the twenging Patricia. Joy Kendi is however one interesting female species with a touch of finesse written all over her. She is the kind of woman I'd probably sell the shamba I dont have just to get her. Unlucky for me, she is dating and dating the director of the then Changing Times and the current KTN TV show Prem, which she also stars in. She caught up with Pulse reporter Shirley Genga and here is how the one on one went:

Pulse: You recently landed a huge engagement as a presenter with Nigeria’s Ebony Life Television. How did that come about?

Joy: They contacted me through my style and fashion blog, Our Style Kenya. They were looking for someone who was relevant to the Kenyan lifestyle, they saw my blog, contacted me and the rest, as they say, is history. I have a segment on the show that highlights the social scene in Nairobi.


P: You have an evident twang’ going on. Did you grow up in Kenya?

J: I grew up in Kenya until I was about six. My older sister and I then moved with my mother to USA where she was going to do her PhD. I did middle school, high school and even started college at Lancing College, where I was studying Psychology.

P: When did you come back to Kenya?

J: My family and I would always return to Kenya for the summer but in 2009, my mum decided to move back to Kenya for good. I am a mummy’s girl, so I followed her. I moved my credits to United States International University (USIU) and I did Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. I graduated last year.

P: Your fashion blog seems to have a huge following. What inspired you to start it?

J: I started my blog about a year and a half ago; it is called Our Style Kenya.  When I moved back to Kenya, I discovered Gikomba and it was a mind-blowing experience. I could not believe that you could find nice dresses for as little as Sh200. This is what inspired me to start a blog because I wanted to show people that you do not have to spend a lot of money to look good. I also show people how to do make-overs with clothes they already have. I believe in ‘do-it-yourself’.

P: Do you plan to expand your fashion blog?

J: I am in the process of turning my blog into a website. It currently has followers from all over the world. I hope to grow it even further and build my website to the point where it can be a platform for advertisers. I am currently working with Jumia Kenya, an online shopping website. I help them with fashion styling. Also Jumia and Backyard shoes give me free things, which I talk about on my blog.

P: Apart from your blog, you are also an actress...

J: I never ever thought I would be an actress. It happened so randomly. One of my friends asked me to accompany her to auditions that were being held by Changing Times. While there, I tried out and got the role of Patricia. It was my first role. I admit that I sucked at the beginning, but when I became comfortable in front of the camera, I became good. I did Changing Times for two years and now I play Sandra on Prem.


P: What else do you do?

J: I am a personal assistant at Stout Min Metals, a mining company.

P: Are you dating someone?

J: Yes, I am in a relationship with Phillip Bresson. We met on the set of Changing Times. He is the best.

P: As the director of Changing Times and Prem TV drama shows where you play different roles, is it not awkward having him as a boss?

J: We try to be very professional at work. When we are on set, he is the boss and so he can shout at me and I can take it like everyone else.

P: How do you handle those who say that you are only in Prem because you boyfriend is the director? 

J: I try my best not to see or hear negative things. People will always find a reason to talk. I choose to keep the negatives out of my life and only let the positive in.

P: What next for Joy?

J: I am currently going through a bit of a life crisis. I have many things I am doing, and I do not want to leave anything behind. So I am going to go with the flow and take every opportunity that comes my way and see where it all leads me.

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